Jun 21, 2021
Yooo ~ I'm El. After falling out of interest in the VOCALOID community in my late teenage years, I recently rekindled my love for it a little bit ago through the UTAITE fandom (Which I also rekindled my love for) and Project Sekai. With that newfound love mixed with nostalgia, I decided to make an account here to engage in some VOCALOID related discussion.

My favorite Crypton vocaloids are KAITO and the Kagamines. I also hold Miku and Luka close to my heart but not as much as those three. I'm also unironically a fan of some of the fanloids such as Honne Dell, Bottle Miku, Hatsune Mikuo (Miku's genderbend) etc.... For UTAU, my basic interests are in Teto, Ritsu, and Tei.

My favorite Non-cryptons are GUMI, IA, Camui Gakupol, Yuzuki Yukari, Oliver and flower. I love many vocaloid spin-off works (If thats what you call them?) like Honeyworks, Black Rock Shooter and Kagerou Project. I also want to expand my horizons beyond the more common VOCALOIDs, so if anyone has song suggestions for some of the lesser known VOCALOIDS I'm all ears. :len_smile_lili::len_lili::kaito_smile_lili:


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Sep 11, 2019
Welcome, from one Kagamine lover to another! We’re very happy to have you! And don’t feel bad; it’s 2021 and I still unironically stan Neru and Haku. You’ll find lots of wonderful suggestions, works, and covers here, so don’t hesitate to go digging and ask questions!


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Mar 28, 2021
Hello and welcome! It's so nice to see ex-Vocaloid fans finding that spark again and join the community.
As for song suggestions, here's some that I enjoy:

Surfing by Mike Oldfield ft. LOLA

LowFi HeartBit by siinamota ft. Kemonone Rou (UTAU)

SILENCE by niki and Cillia ft. AVANNA

Enjoy your stay! :ia_ani_lili:
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Well, hello fellow Tei fan~! Welcome to VVN!:sukonetei_smile_lili:

I still love the fanloids a lot as well (Neru will always hold a special place in my heart thanks to Triple Baka)! I'm also Kagamine fan as well~ they were the first Vocaloids I bought and will forever be faves!:rin_smile_lIlI::len_smile_lili:

If you're looking for songs from lesser known Vocaloids, I'd like to suggest checking out the Mayu song Love Logic and anything by Sedo Sounder (a very skilled Mayu user)!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or another member of the staff! We'll be happy to assist!

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