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Sep 20, 2021
To whom it may see this,
Hi everyone, Vocaloid and Utau fans alike, especially you producers, fan artists, and all who enjoy listening or watching vocaloid videos. I would like to introduce myself as none other than MsMillenia2339, a fan creator for Vocaloid and even Veggietales content. During the pandemic, I have learned so many things of what it means to be a vocaloid fan, since middle 2018, and how to be myself, especially being safe on the internet too. Miku: Okay, enough with the jibberish over here!
Millenia: Miku, how did you get in? It’s my first time in a internet setting, Kaito lover!
Miku: HEY, I may like Kaito, but will others like us together? HMM?!
Millenia: Sorry about that, it’s Miku, again, but I hope you understand that even in a internet setting, it’s always better to be safe than anything. Alright, thank you all for reading and remember that being aware, creative, and kind in life makes you…YOU!
Both: Goodbye!


Listening to Hatsune Miku since 2007
Jan 21, 2021
Downtime during the pandemic seems to have made a lot of fans rediscover Vocaloid. And gave a number of producers an excuse to create new songs who hadn't for years.

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