Hiii everyone not sure how much i'll use this site but i'm eris! I'm a 15 year old black lesbian (she/him plz) and i've loved vocal synth my whole life! Right now i'm super big on utau (especially supporting utau) and i almost exclusively use utau but i'm a vocaloid superfan as well. All vocal synths are good vocal synths though! I'm also a huge MMD geek (though i'm mediocre at it...)

Ummm my favorite vocaloids are definitely gumi, rin, miki, luka, and piko...my favorite utaus are matsudappoiyo, matsudappoine, tyaroemon, kyone killy, soune ria + renzi and bixibite, and other than that i like the macnes and tsurumaki maki ^^ Favorite producers would have to be siinamota, sasakure.uk, EZFG, and rohi!

I also run the hourly vocal synth bot on twitter, and I have some UTAUs in progress! I hope this wasnt too long-winded, nice to meet you all!!!!!

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