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Oct 8, 2019
Now if I could just get SAI running on my Mac I could actually finish coloring a drawing so I can stop showing off artwork from a year ago.
To make your life easier, maybe try out medibang? The learning curve honestly isnt steep at all, its easy to get into. If you want something more complex maybe try Krita ( but dunno how stable it is on mac ).


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Well, I finished reading the next three Kagerou Daze novels, and honestly? They're kinda... disappointing.

Thoughts in the spoiler because boi, there'll be some spoilers!
I feel like Ene's backstory was unnecessarily dark, angsty, and tragic. Like, it felt like they made it dark just for the sake of being dark. You can have her become a cyber girl without getting all dark like that. Geez. Though, it was cool to find out where the name "Ene" came from.
Also, sh*t hit the floor way too fast. It was like "oh fun day at the amusment park-- oh sh*t some crazy guy comes out nowhere AND ZOMG he's from Ene's backstory!1!1! Then we start a new version of the plot and that's when it just went downhill. Jin already had an excellent plot set up, and then it just got thrown away. The Mekakushi dan's introduction had already been handled well and things were set up just fine the way we were. We already had cute bonding moments and good action, but now it just feels wasted. It feels like now characters are being thrown in just for the sake of having more characters and plot twists just for the sake of having plot twists.
I would have preferred if they took what they had set up in the first two books and continued the plot from there. It was good just the way it was, but now it feels wasted. I really don't know if I care about reading the rest of the books, which is a shame because they really had me from book one and the really got me in book two when I saw how the plots intersected. :sad:
(Damn. And I thought Mothy's works were some dark, trippy stuff. Kagerou Daze makes DoE and SoE look tame, man.)
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Haven't touched this in a while. :P


All right! It's been a pretty damn good weekend for me so far. I finally got my hands on Kagamine ACT1, and as a sweet, sweet bonus Miku and Luka's V2s happened to be sold in the same listing as ACT1 so I'm really looking forward to when they get here! After a year of searching, I'll finally have my precious children's original voicebanks!! I'm either gonna have a lot of fun with the Kagamines or they're gonna make me want to pull my hair out, lol.

Vocalo-P Stuff (Covers, social media, etc.)

I recently released my cover and MMD of Hitorinbo Envy and it already has nearly 80 views. Like, what is this witchcraft?? I've never seen any of my videos grow so quickly!! I wonder if it'll get 100 views within a week. :luka_move:

The comments I've gotten so far are so nice, too!! I really appreciate the kind words that people leave on my videos. I even got a comment in Japanese that translates to "Very cute. I want more Tei.". Idk why, man, but getting comments in my second language is always exciting. Actually, getting foreign language comments in general is cool af.

Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet!

I'm almost at 300 subs, too!! I can't believe it!! I've also been garnering a lot of followers lately on Twitter on Instagram, too. Overall, I like Instagram more than Twitter because it's got a lot of good content and it feels like a safer, friendlier environment. (A lot of people on Twitter seem to have no chill and there's a lot of stuff I've seen on there lately that's a little too reminiscent of Tumblr...)

Anyhoo! Here are some updates on covers:

I'm working on an overhaul of my Tengaku cover, but there's one part that continues to give me an issue because it just doesn't sound strong enough. The part I'm trying to do is this part:

Teto, despite her Sakebi voicebank being far more powerful than Rin's ACT2 (the voicebank used in Tengaku), her voice just loses its power as soon as she gets to the high note (the "O"! part in "Tengaku wo"). I can't figure out how to do that part so she sings it as strongly as Rin. I'd try using her Rikimi bank, but UTAU refuses to render rikimi's "o" sample.

Once I actually FINISH the cover, I'm gonna see about modding Future Tone to have Teto wear Rin's Sakura Moon (that's what it's called, right?) module.

Also, I finished mixing my Miku cover of 13KM; now I just have to art for it. I'll discuss my other WiPs at a later time.

More Than What She Seems/More Than What They Seem (and other fanfics)

I also found out recently that my fanfic, More Than What She Seems, has amassed over 700 views and I'm over here just shook because when I first posted it, I only expected to get maybe 20 views at most. But, no. This thing is... I don't even know what to say! :O

I'm really glad that it's getting so many views. It's one of my favorite things I've ever written... I had fun writing it because it as very character-development oriented. My goal was to take Tei from being an overall mean, standoffish person and then letting her blossom into something much better. Writing her was also a lot of fun because I wanted to keep the yandere aspect intact, but avoid making her psychotic and violent; irredeemable. I think I succeeded.

I'm slowly making progress on the sequel (More than What They Seem), but I just can't shake the feeling it's not as well put together as the original. I think the first few chapters are pretty solid, but the latter ones I've been working on feel like they're not really accomplishing much?? Idk. Also, I keep getting writer's block and it's so ridiculously irritating. I feel like I pretty much have full on creativity block, too. So it's not as simple as working on a cover or a drawing in the meantime because I keep losing frickin' motivation.

I also have a comedic Aku no Musume/Vocaloid fanfic I've been working on. It's kind of like several one shots put together, but it's also focused on developing Riliane's character in a positive way. Can't say much about it because I've hardly made any progress.
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Waaaaazuuuuppppp? Welcome to an episode of "Kazumi Feels Like Talking about Heacanons n' shiz".

Today y'all are gonna hear about the 'verse I've created for my Tei fics I've been working on. This'll probably apply to any other vocal synth fics I write as well.

So, basically, they live in a more futuristic version of our world, with some added fictional locations. The fic centers in a place in Japan called "Mirai Town" and it's basically popular among the vocal synths, who aren't singing androids but actual humans (with some exceptions for those that are canonically not humans such as the Meikas, Lapis and Merli). Leon and Lola, while they don't play a huge role in the stories, in my lore even though they weren't the first to settle in the town, they were the ones who made it into a popular spot.

They're also good friends with the parents of Crypton's CVs and when fame became too much to handle for the Cryptons, they recommended that the Cryptons' parents move to Mirai town with their kids. Len had a hard time in particular before moving to Mirai Town because he had to deal with crazed fangirls and nosy paparazzi nearly everywhere he went which was scary for such a sweet young boy (he was 14 then, but when the actual events of all my fics take place, he's 18).

Now for character specific stuff:

The Kagamines are 18 and are twins. Although they pick on each other often, they always have the other one's back (also Rin is the older twin and would kick someone's @$$ if they ever did something to hurt Len; she's a protective big sis and isn't afraid to use violence to protect her little brother, much to Len's chagrin). Len is arrogant and egotistical on the outside, but on the inside he is a precious crybaby cinnamon roll who deserves to be protected at all costs. In other words, he's baby.

Miku is 19 and a very kindhearted, energetic person. She loves to perform onstage because it's a way to share her songs with others. She genuinely wants to be everyone's friend (and that includes Tei, much Tei's initial chagrin). She doesn't play too huge of a role and admittedly her character isn't as fleshed out as others.

Tei (I honestly have multiple headcanons for her, but I'll just say the one that I use for my fics) is kept at her canon age of 19 and tends to bounce between a madly in-love fangirl and a more level-headed person. She's also easily jealous and has a short temper. Her character starts off as an unsociable standoffish introvert but progresses into a much kinder person. She considers Teto her best friend and thinks of her as a little sister. Tei also lacks good judgement when she's jealous which can lead to her making irrational decisions and jumping to false conclusions about others. Depending on the person, she can be kind and loving, hostile, or completely apathetic. She and Rin basically make up what could be called the "Len protection squad". Also, once she starts talking about Len it's hard to get her to stop. A lot of people used to make fun of her for being an albino and called her a "yandere" (which, being called such offends her because no one wants to be compared to a psychotic anime character); bringing up that she's albino or calling her a yandere is enough to either make her cry or become angry. She's a lover of all things science, engineering, and Len Kagamine. She also enjoys baking cakes a lot, especially for her friends. Science, engineering, and baking are the things she's most skilled in.

Ruko is 19 and while initially friendly towards Tei at first, she becomes distrustful of Tei after seeing Tei's yandere like nature firsthand. She doesn't play a huge role outside of calling Tei out on Tei's bs.

Teto is kept at 15 1/2. She considers Tei one of her closest friends and thinks of Tei as an older sister. They have an overall very wholesome relationship. She acts as a voice of reason and her personality is like that of Miku's. She's friendly, social, and kind.

Mayu is 17 and loves fashion, but a lot of people made fun of her for dressing in Lolita clothes. She's very posh and speaks formally. (Her manner of speaking is similar to that of a "Queen's English" type British accent). She's jealous of Tei for reasons I can't explain yet due to being a spoiler for my fanfics.

Teiru is 20 and is Tei's loving and supportive older brother. He knows Tei like the back of his hand and would do anything (within reason) to keep his sister safe and happy. Usually gets picked on by Tei, but he doesn't mind the playful sibling banter. He's wise beyond his years and serves as a voice of reason (and much to Tei's chagrin, a substitute parent).

Now for relationships/pairings:

TeixLen: These two get along very well together and make a very cute couple. However, they're both naive and expect to never encounter any struggles in their relationship. Len would basically do anything for Tei, just as she'd do anything for him. He thinks of her as an angel and considers her to be a wonderful person. Tei thinks of Len as her kind, handsome prince and also thinks he's a wonderful person. Tei's already convinced that they're going to get married to each other and she wants to ask him to marry her, but is too embarrassed and scared to ask. Also, they're overall precious babies who deserve to be protected.

Uhh, I think that's about it. If you made it this far, thank you for reading! If it sounds interesting, please check out my fics if you haven't already! :D

FFN uploads: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13384447/1/More-Than-What-She-Seems | https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13472734/1/More-Than-What-They-Seem
AO3 uploads: Sukone's Stories - RoboCheatsyTM - UTAU, Vocaloid [Archive of Our Own]
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WOW! It has been so long since I wrote here, but I’ve been having some good things happen lately and I wanna share! So, here we goooo!

I’ve grown much more confident in my tuning lately and I think I’ve really improved all of a sudden! I did some practicing after I made that thread asking about how to improve my tuning and… wow I think the advice I got as well as my practicing really helped. (Also I did the right thing and took a short break!! Really helps clear my head!)

Here are some of my recent releases!! These have the best tuning I’ve done, I think. I’m also super proud of the MMD for Reversible Campaign, I think it’s one of my finest!

I’ve been enjoying drawing once again after a very long break. I even got my first commission!! I couldn’t be happier!!
I owe @uncreepy a huge thanks for giving me some advice on doing commissions, so thank you!!

Here’s the finished product if you haven’t already seen it!

I also had some fun lately doing some low-effort doodles, which I shared on my Twitter and Pixiv!!
(I can’t find the link to my Tei doodles that I shared on Twitter, unfortunately.)

I also tried to start a redraw trend, but I don’t think it caught on… *pensive* But!! At least I had fun!! (Now if only I could draw like I did for this one all the time!! XD)

I finally picked up writing my fanfic again, and to avoid stressing myself out and feeling burned out I’m just gonna update as I feel like it instead of every week or every other week.
And, now that I’ve come back to it after several months, it’s actually better than remember, yay!

Other news:
I got over my Discord dislike/shyness and joined Tanjiro’s Discord server! It’s such a super nice community of people and everybody is so kind and supportive!! Even Tanjiro himself is a super nice guy (talking to producers I’m a fan of is always nerve wracking because I’m always afraid they won’t be nice or smth, lol).

Oh, and you’ll never guess who ended up becoming a mod there!!! That’s right! It’s ya girl, Kazumi!! :mirai_ani_lili:
Ngl, I’m still really shocked! But I really enjoy it because the other mods there are very nice people and I feel very welcome on the mod team!! I like that the mods have a lot of freedom to moderate and can do mod stuff as we see fit instead of having to go back and report before we can act (with exceptions for major decisions); really streamlines the process of moderating.

So now’s my chance to say you all should totally join! (We’ve got lots of fun inside jokes and memes, haha.)(There was this one time I made my name “Kazumi says stan Tei” and then everyone else changed their names to “(name) says stan (insert character here)”. It was hilarious!:clara_ani_lili:)
I have permission to share the link, so I’ll just put it here if you all are interested!
VVN is in no way affiliated with this server. Anything that happens there is not the responsibility of VVN!
(That being said, I mod there so if there’s ever an issue just let me know so I and the rest of the mod team there can handle it!)

On an unrelated note, I found a funny Tei ebooks account that I’d love to share with you all!

Also, I’ve been thinking of making my own Discord server. Don’t know if I will, but if I do would anyone be interested?
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Wow, I totally didn't forget about this!
So... I left off a while ago saying that I was having difficulties tuning Tengaku, but guess who conquered that trial?! I've never been so proud of something I tuned. Tbh, I used to not enjoy using Teto because I thought I couldn't tune her well, especially compared to more experienced users, but now I've fallen in love with her all over again and she's an absolute fave to work with! I could not be prouder of my Tengaku cover!!
I've also been hard at work on some other projects, namely:
  • Two covers and MMDs for Tei's birthday
  • A collab with another artist for a 2D PV of Ah, it's a Wonderful Cat's Life
  • A commission which I just finished
  • A talkloid based on this TeiTo comic
Here's some projects you can expect in the future:
  • A cover of an arrangement of Pinocchio P's "Because You're Here"
  • A cover of Attempted Girl with Tei and Teto, featuring illustrations from another artist!
  • A cover Ungray Days featuring a vocal I've yet to decide on
  • Possibly a cover of Buraikku Jikoraizer and Sticky Bug
  • A cover of Summer Idol ft. TeiTo
Here's some of my recent covers I'd like to share here!

I still have ways to go before my SynthV tuning will be reflective of my current skill level, but I'll get there! I really enjoyed working with Maki for this cover!!

Also, I finally got around to remaking my Dramaturgy cover. After listening my old one recently it was, uh... something. I'd like to think this new one is a huge improvement.

Finally, here's one of my most recent favorites!! I feel like I did a good job tuning Tei to sound emotional!!

Unrelated, but I got myself a Snow Miku Nendoroid recently! She's so cute and I just love her!! Would anyone want me to do some review of the few figures I've goit?

Now, to wrap things up, here's some recent art!
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I was going to put this in a status, but I thought it'd be better suited to my journal instead.

So, I've been checking out Attack on Titan lately (I've watched the episodes out of order and will probably never watch every single one because the show is probably too dark for my liking--the only reason I've actually checked it out is because I have a friend who likes it a lot and I also want to see what the hype is about), and I'm actually very impressed with it. Granted, I went in with low expectations but it's actually quite good! The storytelling is good and so are the characters! They're all really unique and interesting! (Also, I do really like its spin-off Attack on Titan Junior High (the anime)--it's some really funny and wild shit. I'd describe it, but I'm not sure I could do it justice, haha!)

Also, at the risk of sounding like a... whatever term is used these days... I really love that all the female characters are so cool?? I feel like a lot of anime (not all, but a lot), especially Shounens and suchlike tend to have female characters that are okay at best, but the girls in AoT? Nah. They're cool as shit. (And it doesn't feel forced, either.)
I particularly like Mikasa, Annie, and Ymir (they're in a three-way tie for my favorite characters, haha). Mikasa and Annie are just really cool and "tough" (for lack of a better word), while Ymir is both and also her own breed of person; I love her, man. :clara_ani_lili:

I don't think my descriptions do any of it justice, so you're honestly best to see what I mean for yourself, haha!
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