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New French Member


New Fan
Mar 16, 2019

I'm a new French member, so sorry if my english is really bad. I use Google translation to help me.

So what I do on an English forum? French forums are almost non-existent and even inactive. I often have some problems with UTAU and Vocaloid, so I registered here hoping that the most talented can help me.

I'm really bad to introduce myself. I'm someone who speaks French and who likes virtual singers. My favorite is Kasane Teto in UTAU and I like Gumi in Vocaloid. I also like Namine Ritsu and Yokune Ruko in UTAU and Kagamine Len, Fukase, KAITO, VY2 Yuma and Yuzuki Yakari in Vocaloid. There is Kasane Keko and Akita Neru that I like in the Fanloid. In CeVio virtual singers I don't listen particularly one, so advise me! Lastly, there is Alter / Ego where I really like ALYS.

That's it, I hope it's enough! Do not hesitate to ask questions!


New Fan
Mar 16, 2019
Thank you so much.

Not knowing how to speak English properly is a real handicap, but I hope I can make myself understood when I ask for help ^^


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Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
Welcome to VocaVerse Network! I hope you enhoy your time here! Wd have a section for French in the forums you could try bringing some livelihood to if it helps you be more comfortable!

You have some nice favorites! For CeVIO, mind if I make some recommendations? ONE is a abulus intro to CeVIO for listening and I think songs 1st Place posts on their Youtube for her are especially good intros, namely this one (featuring Cyber Diva as well) and this one.
Since you’re French, may I also recommend the UTAU Kevin Futarine? He’s a very nice sounding French UTAU and relatively popular so I’m sure you can find many covers to listen to. I don’t know a word of French but I find him pleasant to listen to and he sounds very high quality and even realistic at times


J'aurais le monde entier à ma botte... ...ou pas.
Apr 15, 2018
Far away from Japan
Soit le ou la bienvenue ici, choix de qualité en vocaloids et Utaus, mais, car il y a un mais, quels sont tes vocalo-p préférés ?

Welcome here, quality's choices for vocaloids and Utaus, but, because there is a "but", what are your favorites vocalo-p ?

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