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Jul 5, 2018
Hi everyone, I'm a veteran project diva player: I discovered the game 9 years ago and we can say that I discovered vocaloids thanks to this game. I have all the games and I bought the psvita especially for the diva F and F 2nds but over the years I started wanting a new game for the pc.

I would like to list the reasons why it would be really cool to have a project diva for the PC.

Reason #1: Steam + workshop = paradise for edit mode

Let's be honest: the real strength of project diva F and F2nd lies in the fact that they are infinite games cause they have the edit mode: this tool expresses the creativity of the users and can make the game easier and more difficult, I don't think there is any need to mention edits that are a cult in our community like Boku boku or let's say the p names. Edit mode allows users to express themselves by creating charts and videos. Steam has the workshop which, in my opinion, is a thousand times more practical than the system that SEGA created, with a simple click we can download hundreds and thousands of edits, which is impossible on the ps3 since it is a very frustrating process: You have to download the mp3 file and pray that it is the right one otherwise the chart does not go in rhythm with the song you have purchased. Many links tend to die and thus this leads to the death of certain edits! It would be really cool to bring everything into the workshop as it would be a logical thing to do as it is practical and therefore easy!

Reason #2: Graphic.

I have to be honest with you guys, I tend to ignore the graphic as I focus on the gameplay but no one can deny the fact that the computer is clearly superior to the consoles. I don't think a game like project diva can't run on low to mid-range computers since any pc game has options that allow you to raise or lower the graphics, this means that almost everyone could play the game decently without spending a lot of money on video cards or other things.

Reason 3#: More versatility when it comes to different type of controllers

When I bought mega mix for the switch lite I had a lot of trouble for the simple fact that the buttons were mushy; to solve the problem I bought a bluetooth key to connect the ps4 controller. On the computer these problems do not exist since you just connect the ps4 controller with the USB type C cable and the problem is already a memory of the past! Should we have to talk about the fact that on the PC it is not necessary to buy playstation controllers to be able to play decently? On the pc I played with the keyboard, unofficial controllers and even official controllers and I never had any problems! PS4 controllers are very expensive but we ALL have a keyboard!

Reason #4: Steam’s discounts

I don't think there’s the need to mention all the discounts there are in a year, the Christmas period is always the best and there is no denying the fact that people spend more money during periods like the one mentioned before. There are better alternatives like kinguin or G2A where u can buy games for cheap!

Reason #5: Modding community

Thanks to the steam workshop, the project diva modding community could share their creations easily without abruptly modifying game files.

It’s clear that the community wants to have a game for the PC and I can confirm this as I see a lot of unofficial games that tend to emulate the real game, yet SEGA seems so shy when it comes to bringing something to the PC.

What do you think about it? I apologize for my bad English, I wish you all a good day!
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Jan 21, 2021
Everything you say is true. It would be nice to have a Steam release of Project DIVA games.

The likely reason there isn't is the Japanese tend to see computers as business/work machines. So in general Japanese games will be on consoles (not all of them, but mostly). There are very few SEGA published games on Steam that aren't made by western developers. On top of that, we don't even get all the console Project DIVA games in the west. That makes ports to PC even less likely.
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Feb 15, 2021
AAAA samee, i agree with you so much :(( the closest thing to it i found recently is called "project heartbeat" and its on steam too, i found them through their twitter because they were following me lmao but i havent tried it out yet... its not official ofc but it still looks interesting, although its still work in progress which is why im interested in following it.. it has every mechanic from project diva + you can make your own maps and upload them to the steam workshop. i know PPD already exists but this one looks waaay easier to setup, because i really dislike how complicated it is to install PPD and change all the settings and stuff.. So i hope this one will go well, even if it isnt really focused on vocaloid
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