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Apr 8, 2018
the good thing about VO dying is that my ugly 2015 art is buried with it for the most part

warning: large images because I draw at an unreasonably big resolution and rarely ever make them smaller

I'm kinda lazy about it, but I draw fairly often.

I mainly just draw AHS Vocaloids + Voiceroids since they're my absolute favorites, but sometimes I'll draw other Vocaloids for friends.

to start here's an image of Tsukuyomi Ai from last year that I still kind of like;

Tsurumaki Maki

Macne Nana (request from Vocaloid Amino that I still kind of like)

Tsukuyomi Ai + Tsukuyomi Shouta

kizuna akari the cookie thief getting caught by police officers yuzuki yukari hiyama kiyoteru and kaai yuki

some kiyoteru doodles (warning kiyoteru is the one I draw the most By Far)

Tsurumaki Maki + Minase Kou (based off an image I think AHS but may have been someone else tweeted of the Animesse 2017 concert where Maki and Kou seemed to have been used to narrate an opening)

speaking of minase kou i happen to ship him with kiyoteru

Traditional Kiyoteru I did in terrible watercolors

Kou and Kiyoteru again but this time with Yuki and Shouta based off a video I saw on Nico once

koukiyo doodle based off a pinocchio-p song (nobody makes sense)

uuu that's it for now. I mainly just draw to indulge myself but I'd be happy if other people liked it too ! ;;

I also always draw for my covers; if you'd like to check them out, my youtube channel is here. I rarely if ever upload the art I use for them though, so usually my videos are the only place you'll see some of the things I draw.

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