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Thank you and farewell!


Mar 25, 2018

I am retiring from Vocaloid producing. I want to give my thanks to those who showed your support. I am also thankful to have been able to help many people!
Thank you so much for providing for me an opportunity to be moderator and to help you while I was in this position.
And thank you for your kind conversations throughout my time here!

I’ve learned a lot during my Vocaloid producing, but now I’ll be pursuing other things. I may still be around for a while, though!

Good bye and thank you!


Founder of VOCABERLIN, Cheers39 Member, Miku <3
One half of me thinks that a decade has come to an end, while the other half is like...
Really, when I first read this thread's title, I never thought that it could come from you. But still, I lack the feeling of surprise for some reason.
You have been the first person I talked online with, outside of the collapsing Miiverse. Thanks you so much for everything you helped me with over the year(s)!
Farewell and have a nice time wherever your way will lead you to!


Apr 9, 2018
I think a lot of other users will agree with me, but I think you are probably the most influential moderator/resource provider in the western Vocaloid sphere. I for one am really grateful for all of your help with questions I've had over the year or so I've known you since Vocaloid Otaku (plus, you've helped me and so many other people expand their knowledge of Vocaloid software and about trivia/events), but what I really like about you is how patient and kind you are. Your artwork is also very cute and it makes me smile. It's kind of lame, but when I feel bad, I think of your username and know what I have to do.

I don't know what kind of things you have planned for your future, but I hope only for good things for you. I know you want to take a break from social media to do the things you have to do, but I can't help but feel depressed by the thought of waking up to VocaVerse/Discord/Twitter and not seeing you there anymore. So even if it takes a long time, if you popped in some time, that would make me genuinely happy.


Aspiring ∞ Creator
Apr 8, 2018
The comments in this thread are really something. It's not surprising that everyone here is saying these sorts of things--that's the impact I think you've had. My mom used to talk about people contributing to life not by doing big, important things, but by doing little ones. You're basically a case study in that. You've contributed to everyone's time here with an ocean of little positive things (helpful things, informative things, fun things), as well as simply an uncommonly kind, warm, and accepting state of being that has touched many, many people, both those who've stayed and those who haven't. We will miss you.

For the record, (one last time, since I think those of us who played this game might've drawn it out a bit too long before, maybe?):

This farewell post is (not) about Kaito.

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