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Apr 6, 2018
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Legends tell of a 2018 prediction thread that was lost to time... :qingxian_ani_lili:

What do you think will happen to Vocaloid and Friends in 2019?

My chips are on:
• More Synth V's are released than Vocaloids.
• The next company to join VOCALOID5 will be a new face.
• Emvoice is released.
• The first Vocaloid to receive a V5 update will be...an Engloid?!
• A Defoko update is announced following new UTAU developments.


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Apr 8, 2018
  • No new companies join, some smaller companies like Beijing Photek look elsewhere as 1ST PLACE have done.
  • First V5 update will be from VSINGER with Ling V5, then Crypton with MEIKO or KAITO V5.
  • A bilingual VOCALOID will be released.
  • ZING never gets released, most VOCALOIDs from "new" companies never actually happen.
  • Internet Co. release Gumi English V5 at some point.
  • Move to a new engine, release an updated Sasara.
  • New Chinese Song+Talk VBs.
  • Relatively quiet, but we may see some new companies join.
  • Ameya releases the long-awaited UTAU update, leads to a bunch of old users getting back into UTAU and releasing new voicebanks.
  • No new resamplers other than a resampler update that comes with UTAU.
Synthesizer V:
  • Will gain popularity quickly and have a dedicated userbase.
  • More Synth V DBs are released than VOCALOIDs.
  • Stardust and Haiyi's sister, Cangqiong, will be a Chinese SynthV which releases in Q2.
  • There will be 3-4 SynthV DBs available by the end of the year in all 3 currently supported languages.
  • A Korean SynthV starts development late into the year.
  • Boxstar finishes his engine updates and Sharpkey sounds much improved.
  • At least 1 new Sharpkey every 2 months.
  • Suoyun Rila, Rabia and Namine Ritsu's Sharpkey VBs are all released.
  • A commercial Sharpkey?

I have a lot of ideas. It doesn't look very good for VOCALOID but decently good for basically everyone else. The market becomes a bit more open rather than being completely dominated by VOCALOID.


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Apr 8, 2018
Zing will be released
The chinese Vocaloids (chuchu, Yuecheng, etc) will be released
GUMI English released
Uni english released
Ausgris released

Synthesizer V:
German vb released
XSY Added
Spanish VB released
New Female japanese vb added
First Bilingual Synthloid (eleanor gets a jp bank or a new loid is bilingual)

Update released


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Apr 11, 2018
SynthV: Will see a massive jump in popularity then will either settle down to a reasonable level (ie CeVio) or be mostly forgotten (ie Alter/Ego). Probably the first.
Also SynthV: Will at least double it's current number of voicebanks.
Vocaloid: ZG, Yamaha, AHS, and possibly Internet will release new voicebanks.
Vocaloid: AHS will release an English voicebank for one of their vocaloids, likely miki or Iroha.
Vocaloid: Crypton, Shanghai Henian, and possibly Yamaha will release updates.
Vocaloid: Shanghai Wangcheng will do something stupid again.
Vocaloid: We may see new companies try to break into the sparsely-populated (by number of companies, not loids) English and Chinese markets
Vocaloid: Tianyi or Stardust gets an English vb, depending on whether SH decides to go with their star or their fluent vp.
UTAU: Will get updated.
CeVio: 1st Place releases something new, but nothing else will happen.
Sharpkey: Will get a lot more use when planned update releases.
MUTA: Nothing.
Voiceroid: We'll get another guy, finally.
Voiceful: Nothing.
Cantor: Releases update.
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Hate to break it to those looking forward to Gumi English updates, but...

My guess is that rather than big news related to Vocaloid voicebanks, we'll have some major changes to the characters themselves in terms of concerts/Vtuber activities. We'll see some major tech advancements for real time concerts (Wat from Crypton has been wanting to make the Cryptonloids interract with performers during collab concerts) and maybe Mirai Komachi will continue to demonstrate said developments for us and she might even get another official song. Unity-chan will be revived in popularity due to the file type Unity has for VR-related Vtuber 3D models that certain Japanese companies agreed to all use (including Crypton), and since she'll be appearing in an anime soon, other Vocaloids will probably get the same treatment. (And Zunko is getting a 3D anime that got crowdfunded!) Maybe Miku will start doing VR concerts with Vtubers?

VSinger Chinese 'loids will definitely all get updated to V5. Hopefully one or two gets a Japanese bank *coughLongyacough*

Cryptonloid Appends will be released around February and there will be lots of grumbling and money handed over. (Hopefully they are V5 even though Wat said they wouldn't be and that their English also gets updated, even though he never mentioned English banks.)

SynthV will get a ton more banks and people will be pumped to use them. The characters will get merch sold by Animen. They will be released rapidly and there will be at least 1 male and 2 females for each language (English, Chinese, Japanese).

CeVIO will do demos of their new deep-learning-based updates, but they won't be ready to sell it this year.

There will be another Voiceroid/Vocaloid combo from AHS and it will sell like hotcakes.

Zero-G finally releases 2 Engloids for V5, but everyone will be annoyed because the voice providers were UTAU-related singers previously and the designs will be niche.


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Apr 8, 2018
That time of year again, let’s hope I do some pretty good predictions!

- SynthV will have shortime popularity then either go back to a minor synth or be forgotten. Definitely won’t be a Vocaloid or UTAU sized community.
- Crypton and VSinger releases. Potentially new languages announced during the year too, like Kagamine Chinese or Ling Japanese
- Yamaha hits us with another port update, possibly of Fukase. And another new release that once again falls into obscurity.
- CeVIO slowly transitions into it’s new update, giving slow updates until the big update.
- IA English Talk Voice + Boxed IA English package
- Another English Song Voice for CeVIO
- AHS gives us a Yukari V5
- ARIA show comes to the US
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First Sound Future

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Apr 8, 2018
- Zero-G hints a new Vocaloid in Q1 but takes some time to release the said Vocaloid

- VocaTone posts something on their Tumblr

- First Vocaloid to be updated is either Yanhe or Ling

- Another surprise release from Yamaha that no one expected however this time the surprise Vocaloid will be (maybe slightly?) more popular than the usual surprise releases

- Yukari V5 being hinted near her birthday

- Just like in the V4 stream, another Yukari voicebank is hinted with nothing more than a simple silhouette featuring Yukari's new design. This turns out to be Yukari English

- Yukari V5 (and English) doesn't get released in 2019 however

- SynthV gets more popular because a Male English voice gets released

Will probably add more later. ?


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Apr 8, 2018
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-First quarter we finally have some news for future voice banks, Q2 will have lots of news all at once, silence over Q3 with maybe a surprise yamaha bank, then a bunch of releases towards the end of the year
-Engloids! Zero-G is going to release at least one engloid and announce their next project right after
-Zing's Chinese and Japanese banks will get released with her English TBA
-Miku/Kaito V5 update announced (possibly released at the end of the year?)
-Yamaha updates some random as all hell voice banks, like anokano
-Internet Co updates! Cul V5, Lily V5, Kokone V5!
-New Chinese loids!
--SynthV releases more voice banks than Vocaloid will
-SynthV makes a really good English male
-More utau move to SynthV
-A vocaloid moves to synthv (pls pls pls powerfx put your engloids on synthv)
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Apr 9, 2018
Palembang, Indonesia
The franchise, in terms of voicebank developments, will be so slow. There will be little amount to no brand new voicebanks, though Yamaha will be make us surprised again and again. Instead, there will be tons of voicebank updates, especially from Yamaha, CFM, AHS, and SHN. CFM will make an update for Piapro Studio in response to V5. Kagamine Chinese will be a real thing. Shanghai Wangcheng will make another controversial thing. Yamaha will still continue their massive marketing approach, especially for producers outside the community, and will resulting the growing amount of new users, especially for said market, slowly but sure.

Engine updates will be a real thing, though Ameya will be still stuck in Visual Basic 6 hell. Also there will be an official solution for closed-sylable-based and consonant-cluster-based language. There will be no new resampler engines, and Kanru Hua will stop the development of Moresampler as he will be so busy with SynthV, though the download link still be kept.

Synthesizer V:
This will be get popular, slowly but sure. There will be so many new voicebanks, and some of them are paid voicebanks. Quadimension/Beijing Photek will make Stardust's new sister into SynthV, though the status is unknown whether it's for public or private release. Possibly some development for Korean voicebank?

Namine Ritsu's Sharpkey voicebank and others will be released. English voicebank and UI will be in development.
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Apr 8, 2018
God, I hope all these predictions about Utau getting updated are correct but .....

The only real prediction I have is that a lot of noise will be made about possible/potential Engloids but drama will happen and they'll never get released.


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Apr 8, 2018
I could only think of these now, I might add more later. Focus is on Cryptonloid stuff since that's an area I'm most familiar with.

-Kaito and Meiko will get an update to V5
-New append(s) for V4 Cryptonloids (I remember Wat talking about an append for Miku that would sound like her V2 VB at least, but a Miku V5 version won't happen within 2019).
-Crypton will go on with the VRM format in order to develop real-time animation, but it will not see much use within the next year. They might have a demo at Magical Mirai, but the concerts will still utilize the current technology with Sega modules.
-A new Project Diva game will be released in the latter half of 2019.
-At least a hint (or even a confirmation) of Miku performing at the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

-Several voicebanks will be upgraded to V5, (Yukari and several Chinese Vocaloids at least).
-at least two or three completely new VBs for Vocaloid. Once again most of them will remain fairly obscure.
-SynthV will get several new voicebanks in Chinese, English and Japanese. After their initial hype SynthV as a whole will not gain very much popularity though.
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May 17, 2018
These are always fun posts but usually i'm either on the mark or completely off haha.

-There will be new V5 banks next year... just not as nearly as many as Yamaha hope there would be to the bemusement of corporate at the company. There will be support from japanese voicebank makers (mostly AHS & Gynoid though) but competition from other companies could eat away at their english and mandarin support. How they handled V5's launch in the previous year could be the final straw for one particular company...

-This is going to be a bit of an controversial and possibly the most way off prediction in this thread. CFM releases their very own singing synth engine. Along with a split from Sega for concerts, CFM wants to own their own engine so they have more freedom from Yamaha let alone other software companies for voice development and they could end up making more money by doing everything singing synth in-house. Because they're definitely the company with the resources and popularity that could pull off such a move. The singing synth market could become really competitive if CFM prices their new product much lower than V5. If they went with such a move, they could slightly change Miku's design to no longer reflect the influence of Yamaha's keyboards in the character art.

-They might try to license out a concert system to various companies.

-Company merger between the two? I mean 1st Place had bet pretty big on CeVIO many years ago, so why not make it official? Along with a engine upgrade, we could see a new ONE bank.

-The webstore/licensing issues will be resolved pretty soon. Once that is totally resolved, we might hear about when third party banks becomes available. It's going to pick up popularity over the year because the're going to allow voicebank makers concentrate being entertainment companies rather than music software companies (you got to remember that Zero-G, Power FX and Voctro pretty much relied on AkiGlancy to promote their stuff out of her own pocket over the years). This could lead to much looser rules with regards to concerts possibly leading to more of them in the west if Synth V voices picks up enough popularity (remember that 'entertainment company' thing I mentioned a second ago?).

-I'm really not sure. Yamaha might try to pull off a deal with them so they don't lose the only western voicebank maker they have left. Who knows?

-Oh boy. Yanhe could get a bilingual/trilingual bank release (her voicer did live in Japan for some time) mostly because they're looking to expand out of mainland China. A lot more of Tianyi everywhere in China which could lead to many news stories from outside the country about her popularity there (both positive and negative). VSinger will play up the 'chineseness' of their characters even further then they ever had before to try to keep the government in Beijing happy with Tianyi's increasingly growing popularity.

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Apr 8, 2018
-This is going to be a bit of an controversial and possibly the most way off prediction in this thread. CFM releases their very own singing synth engine. Along with a split from Sega for concerts, CFM wants to own their own engine so they have more freedom from Yamaha let alone other software companies for voice development and they could end up making more money by doing everything singing synth in-house. Because they're definitely the company with the resources and popularity that could pull off such a move. The singing synth market could become really competitive if CFM prices their new product much lower than V5. If they went with such a move, they could slightly change Miku's design to no longer reflect the influence of Yamaha's keyboards in the character art.
I dunno if Crypton would want to move Miku in particular away from the Vocaloid engine, since she's still the most popular Vocaloid out of every VB. Yamaha also wouldn't let Miku go easily either, since she's pretty much the mascot of Vocaloid in general.

I'm never any good at predictions (unless it's British politics ones), but I do think we will get a few new V5 banks and some updates. I also think CeVIO and SynthV in particular will increase in hype/popularity, since they're viable (and cheaper) alternatives to Vocaloid, though both need more English and other foreign language banks to really become competitive with Vocaloid. I don't really follow UTAU too much, but I thought it stopped updating a few years back?


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Apr 11, 2018
Hmmm..... Let's see :

- Either a new Engloid or an update (if there's an update, will be likely either MIRIAM, Big Al or Sweet Ann, though V1 update could still be cool)
- Lily / Gackpoid getting English
- The next AH-software 'loid could be a guy
- Internet co will probably unveil a new Vocaloid and take some months to complete the VB, perhaps from yet another very big famous name in Japanese media industry
- CV04
- Portuguese Vocaloid announcement
- Jem Vocaloid ?
- YANHE comes in with a kickass demo
- XSY is brought back as an option for people not having bought the V4 editor and wanting to blend multiple banks
- Sneak peak of UNI English
- KAIMEI get updated (even if it's a simple port)
- Maki turns into a VOCALOID and get a bundle with her usual VOICEROID (surprised it didn't happen yet)
- New European company coming in out of the blue
- H is confirmed to be worked on (in case she's a VOCALOID)
- Black 'n' white-themed VOCALOID girl showing up
- ZeeU (that I always personally called "HearMi" ) will be worked on but people have to vote for a survey to give ideas of VAs like for Longya or UNI, and some would get mad at each other because K-pop fans being "X better deserves to be a VOCALOId than Y ! "
- Zing releases in May or around these lines ; if not then in 2020 to be under Rat Sign (don't even ask me why) ; meanwhile she'd get a talk bank whose sentences would be brought later as an update in INVAXION so you may hear Zing cheering you up or reading loud the "missions"
- Crypton releases talk banks and of course Miku is the first one to receive one, as well as scream bank append being added (leading everyone and their goldfish to remake EVERY classic song involving screaming such as Love is War, World is Mine, Kocchi muite baby etc just for the sake of using her scream bank)
- Recording extras or even a brand new language for Miku (Korean for K-pop, nor even German and French or other European languages following the Miku EXpo europe tour)
- There will be a design contest for a VOCALOID (perhaps a brand new Chinese Vocaloid joining the VSinger crew ? or for another company)
- Lorra gets released in a YAMAHA way
- Talking about WAY (lol that pun) suddenly WAY comes back saying "hello" and also in a YAMAHA way, smash everyone with a voicebank thus throwing her under the spotlight again and making her a real VOCALOID
- Gynoid announces a bank, and of course it's a female (because Gynoid //shot ok that was more a joke) ; however this vocal may be really special compared with v flower's rockish voice nor Xinhua's sweet sound for pop & electro
- Luka gets a concert in Monaco (if it's not in Monte-Carlo, then instead of Monaco it'd be in the Us in Las Vegas )

- Defoko gets a real VCV / CV-VC version to play with her CV
- Another Aquestalk bank comes in and turns into an UTAU as well
- a professional-level commercial UTAU bank
- Crecia Selestewa is used in a real big song that gets popular even in the real world (could be another UTAU but iunno why I feel like something would happen a few months once her newest bank is released + can't be Aido, he and Circus already made a hit lol )
- Ameya's update may include something that wasn't announced yet among the mentioned possibilities, but would be the kind of feature to make the whole vocal synth scene shake
- New VIPPER kicking in and being so popular it won't get forgotten a few months later
- Ruko English ? (and Rook having more banks ? )
- Momo gets a VTuber channel
- Luna Amane comes back home with around two appends, an updated core and perhaps English or Chinese
- Canon records a Korean bank for Ritsu

- Suzuki and Takehashi get a singing library
- ONE gets English
- New male bank
- H is confirmed to be worked on (in case she's joining her sisters on CeVIO)

- Korean releasing with a female vocal
- The Mandarin male bank will show his face ?
- Cang Qiong is announced in production fr this synth and would be released around end of September-October

- People managed to reach and convince VORA and Khylin's VAs so they are finally back under the form of the first Korean vocals for the program
- French WiP
- H is confirmed being worked on (in case 1st Place just want to software jump again, though it'd be weird not having her at the same place as IA and ONE)

- LEORA's remaining banks finally arrive

Others :

- Easter Egg of Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, etc in INVAXION
- Either A/E banks development comes back but then it'd be even harder for indies to produce a bank
- Nana Mizuki may finally voice a synthesized bank (not sure if her sister MiKA would reprise her role as Ring and instead of VOCALOId, this latter would be released for another program)
- Jean-Michel Jarre would probably use any of the synths mentioned above for a single

I may add more to the mill if one day I've a sensation and feeling like I should add said feeling


カイミク || Len English || Arsloid || V5/Piapro
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Apr 9, 2018
-Miku/Kaito V5 update announced (possibly released at the end of the year?)
Ah, yeah...:cybersongman_lili:
I really wish for that, okay guys? Leave me alone with my dreams... :kaito_lili:

My list is basically for the CFM Vocaloids because I love Kaito and Miku and the gang more.........

~Crypton announces Kaito v4 and sends out, or is about to send out trail versions until V5 editor is announce so they push Kaito back and make him a V5 update instead so he'll be release on 2019. (V1, V3, V5 Oh, Kaito you're the odd one in the group....*hears crickets*.....anyway moving on..)

~If V5 is announce this year, then Kaito will be one of the few vocaloids from a different company from Yamaha to be release close to the V5 release.

~Miku might get a Spanish Voicebank next. At least Crypton or Wat will announce it as their next project for her.

~Crypton surprises us and gives Kaito a Spanish Voicebank first. Kaito will get three or four new JPN voicebanks, one being the updated, polish version of his V1 bank (Wat tweeted of working on his V1 bank) so it could be called Original, Natural, Power, or Hard. One soft bank, a Light bank that Wat mentioned a long time ago that might be use for his new update, and the last one being........Power (if not use as a name for his V1 bank update) or Serious. Updated English bank (Please, please, please) with improved vocal range.

~Chinese voicebank... for Kaito? That will be a surprise if that happens but could be sold on the side.

~Kaito gets EVEC on his JPN voicebanks and including on his ENG voicebank (....yeah, i might be wishful thinking on this guys...just...just let me dream...okay?)

~Wat mentions that they're working on Luka and that she might be getting a Chinese Voicebank. She'll come out for the V5 editor.

~Rin/Len will get their Chinese banks after Luka and they will be sold as a standalone with new designs to go with their new language bank.

~Back on the EVEC system, Wat and the team have learned and give Kaito or Meiko the improved versions of EVEC with few more voice colors in them (two or three more).

~Meiko will get an improved English bank (and i will like her more because i am always on the fence with her.)

~ATH (All The Heroines on youtube) will come back with a new video..........

[I might come up with more later...... so to be continued maybe unless it passes Feb then I'll end it then since it is 2018 now.]
Mainly I failed on that, but hey....at least I was somewhat right on Luka that Wat mentions working on her append...? :yohioloid_lili:

2019 Predictions:

  • Luka "Append" is first to be released followed by Kaito or Miku, than Miku or Kaito.
  • A new Project Diva game to be released/announced (with the bonus of being for the Switch too)
  • The "Appends" come with free MMD of them
  • English appends, English appends, English appends come on Wat...:mayu_lili:
  • Miku and Kaito Spanish mentioned
  • Kagamine Chinese Voicebanks announced or hinted at
  • Luka Chinese has Crypton's interest
  • Piapro Studio gets a good update and the rest of the features is released. It even comes with Vocaloid plugins allowed with Crypton's own plugins like "Talk" and "Scream" plugin

  • Longya gets a JPN voicebank append along with an English Append if his JPN sells well and his ENG append would get enough interest from fans and from the West.
  • Gynoid releases a new voicebank for V5 and it's a boy! :tonio_ani_lili:
..... okay, fine it's a girl...:haiyi_ani_lili: After the voicebank is released Flower would be updated to V5 or be mentioned of her update progress.

Random/not to be taken too serious

  • AtH comes back.....for real....this time....:gackpo_ani_lili:
  • The Cryptonloids "Appends" come together in a bundle for a good price(!) or can be brought separate options
  • Kiyoteru English
  • Something good will happen to Arsloid
  • Crypton partners up with AHS or another company for something interesting for Vocaloid-related stuff....probably
  • That Vivi would come back into the scene either for SynthV or for Vocaloid. If for Vocaloid, PowerFX would come back into the scene for a little bit to release her as English only. Crypton maybe...?? Or perhaps a new company takes her in to release her...:luka_move:
  • CV04 is being worked on now that everyone is updated together (finally!)
  • Black hair male Vocaloid
  • Green hair male Vocaloid
  • New Male English Vocaloid
  • New Male Japanese/English Vocaloid announced or released
  • New Japanese male Vocaloid that doesn't become popular enough right off the bat, but still enough that he has some fans
  • A male Vocaloid would get a surprise update!
  • Crypton surprises us by making Luka Append actually Luka V5 followed by the rest of her teammates! :qingxian_lili:
  • Crypton in turns disappoints non-surprise fans by not making Luka V5 a starter pack with the V5 editor (We'll still get our Piapro Studio V5 version right Wat? Wat, where are you going? Wat, come back, don't run away!)
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Apr 8, 2018
Ah, another one of these, huh? :ryuuto_ani_lili:

-Miku/Meiko/Kaito updates. Meiko and Kaito make enough to be upgraded after 2 engines, and Miku is the obvious one here.
-a new Engloid, most likely from ZG. They've been quiet, so I'm sus. Dex, Daina, and Avanna sold too well for them to suddenly back off the Vocaloid scene.
-a new company? I feel like it's high time for a new face to join the club.
-SynthV releases and sells decently, but doesn't have as big of an impact as the Vocautau community, at least not for this first year.

That's all I got :prima_ani_lili:
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