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which sonika do you feel like today? i'm feeling like "SONiKA in a pink dress" today
The moment at Hololive hq after Kiryu Coco & Akai Haato read their youtube analytics that mention Taiwan on their BiliBili stream.

Not a great thing for avatar based entertainment in China. There's definitely going to be a ripple effect there.
i found out teto isn't great for beginners and also my vocaloids expired but like miku hasn't yet so like,, bye vocaloid & utau have fun
Ye ye, I’m with Patuk! Teto’s banks were the ones I started with, so I’m surprised to hear you say they aren’t for beginners! If you need help, I’d be happy to assist however I can! <3
(eee long post)I was using the english VB as I needed her in english and apparently that VB isn't made for beginners.. ;w;. I would try the JP banks but as said, I need her in eng (Japanese VBs with phonemes to sound like english wouldn't cut it). And UTAU looks alot harder than VL, though people say it's easy. It's also different to VL and I'm already familiar with one program so I think that's enough for me ;w;. It's okay though since like, it doesn't matter really. It's been uninstalled with VL(trial expired). Honestly, I just wanted to make stupid things with vocal synth programs. (Also like, Teto and Defoko were outputting no sound. Must've did something wrong on installation. But with what happened with trying to get piapro to work I'm not really going to try to troubleshoot or learn because I feel my knowledge of VL is enough ;w;)
(TL:DR - Teto eng VB apparently no good 4 beginner, need eng VB, and also too lazy to use UTAU at the moment. ;w; might try again with UTAU sometime but hh idk)
Utau english isnt generally ideal for beginners, about Teto herself: her eng has some quirks but big plus of hers is that Teto eng helper plug in, are u using it?
so i managed to recover my FIRST EVER vocaloid cover from 2015. its was ambitous to be honest, tried to cover Crystalline with Flower in english. i didnt know a damn thing about vocaloid.

sadly all i have is this 'preview' clip from my tumblr and i cannot recover the full one... this is bad, i should say: https://clyp.it/32klvnvt
but man i kinda wanna re-cover it for the sake of improvement! i have learned SO much in the last five-ish years. i dont rly like the song That much anymore but id love to do a comparison.
Work is hectic and my laptop’s broken again, but I’m alive, I guess. 😅 Wanna sorta ease back into things here. Might take a bit.
Found this very interesting vid.

Yes, apparently this kind of phenomenon also present on voicesynth musics (though not much), and this is especially true to producers considered created pop voicesynth musics such as Deco*27. Is there any other producers use this kind of phenomenon?
That is an interesting video! I'd say that vocaloid music seems to be more obsessed with the fifth scale degree than with the supertonic, but i have heard instances of it. For example, the newer producer r-906 loves using it leading up to the chorus.
Hopefully next week I'll finish recording for my UTAU, Hiiko - then I can get to commissioning an oto and finishing her up.
I kinda wanna ask if anyone would be willing to try her out when she's done, but I don't want to get ahead of myself yet...
Sooo uuuhhh...Itako's vcv is really cursed, the E4 pitch in her core isn't marked in her oto and when I fixed that now in edtior only her core G4 pitch and and soft D4 pitch are recognized w/o suffixes....I'm ok w that and at least I have full control over her tone rn but I wonder whether there's a way to make it...not so dumb ghjmk,
i got teto and now i gotta figure out utau
what was i thinking? oh i was thinking that i could use her to voice a character.
utau is much more complex then vocaloid..
flower posted it so late that i didnt see it until the morning lol.
not something i specifically care about but, the announcement was Project Sekai will include the song "Charles" with flower!

regardless i always like seeing that flower is getting more publicity from things like this!