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The spring is progressing so well that I changed summer tyres on my car (law requires winter tyres in winter conditions, I have studded ones for the winter). The car drives so smooth and quiet again as I've grown used to the noisy winter tyres during the past 5 months.
you know i really dont hear a lotta uses of Amy but i really do like her voice. i mean she gives me very strong Lola vibes tbh (Chris doesnt give me Leon vibes at all tho) but there is something...something about her pronunciation that is just a little weird to me and i dont know how to describe whats wrong lol. i think chris and amy both has very slight, hard to describe issues, that if they didnt exist theyd be very perfect banks. their tones are break, but theres something about how they were recorded that just doesnt sound right...
i cant decide if for my song im releasing sunday if i wanna use sonika or gumi.
i basically made it for gumi, but when i was done with the vsqx i listened to it with all of my other engloids for funsies and ended up really liking how sonika sounded, despite her...yaknow...sonikaness
If youd like I could always render it for you with my engloids to see how you like it with them c:
ooh!! i will pm you thank you!
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I finally getting around founding a way to Tune Rin to fit my tuning style but I feel a little mixed about the result. She sounds too much like Len :cautious: It's a little choppy since I'm still trying to figure out her phoneme behaviour.
It's official: I'm getting my tax return and my stimulus in one fell swoop! Most of it is going to my car payment, buuuuuuut I know I wanna get Kaito's V1, and maybe a few more? Who, I'm not sure, but Kaito for sure.

I wanna take the plunge and get a Vsinger or 5, but with the three I want most getting V5 updates so soon, it wouldn't be worth it. I could round out my Medium5 collection, and that's the direction I'm leaning in... if I do that, I'm just a Maika away from fulfilling my "Really, Really Want" list, and Maika's pretty moderately priced.

Just can't... overdo it. Got car payments to make.