All Official VOCALOID trials (+ some references)

Resource All Official VOCALOID trials (+ some references)

Haruno Sora (VOCALOID5) trial has been added.
Trial lasts for 14 days. PC and Mac trials are available.
The trials for Vocaloid5 voicebanks Meika Hime & Mikoto are no longer available
Please note that the Gynoid Talk demos for Meika Hime & Mikoto are still available, it is only the Vocaloid trials that were removed.
Because the Gynoid server was down earlier, there is an alternative way to get the trials, provided by Gynoid.
We have added these just in case.
This has been added:

If the above link does not work, there is an alternative provided by Gynoid: (Source 1 , Source 2)
Windows: Gigafile
Mac: Gigafile
Added information regarding Meika Hime and Mikoto Trial
The trial appears to be available for a very limited time, so pick it up once you get the chance!
From what I know and have seen from users, the trial does not come with the V5 editor, or equivalent.
?#Meika Hime & Mikoto
Meika Hime & Mikoto trial is said to end at 6:00 JST the following day.

# means Mac version is available
?means the trial is available for a limited time
Added: "Meika Hime & Mikoto Gynoid Talk Test Site"
You may test both Meika Hime and Meika Mikoto on Gynoid's official site
Link used: テキスト読み上げソフト「ガイノイドTALK 鳴花ヒメ・ミコト」 | gynoid|ガイノイド オフィシャルサイト
Miku V3 English trial has been removed.
Please note the Miku V4 English trial is still available.
Resource owner has now been changed from Move->Forward to RazzyRu.
Changes will be made to the Opening to reflect this.
Added Tohoku Itako VOICEROID2 and Yuzuki Yukari ex VOICEROID+ ex test sites.
Note that Yuzuki Yukari also has a VOICEROID2 test site.
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Added the CeVIO trial! I saw Kona had linked to it in another thread. Thank you, Kona!
Removed GACKPOID V4 trials as it seems to currently not be available.
Sometimes Internet Co temporarily removes then re-adds trials, so it may return in the future.

Added the following under References:
Menu containing free downloads for AHS VOCALOIDs such as MMD models, illustrations, and more
Menu containing free downloads for AHS VOICEROIDs such as illustrations, and more