cyber songman



    I just published my ultimate cybersongman game! This one's a real thrill ride, so please check it out! Please, please, give me a chance! Here's the itchio link: Thanks~!
  2. vw0400

    My first Vocaloid song

    My first original song using Vocaloids. :cyberdiva_lili:
  3. Nebula

    New Song!

    Hey guys! I made a song in VOCALOID using CYBER SONGMAN, I would appreciate it, if you guys could give it, a listen.
  4. Quasar P

    【Vocaloid5 Original】Moonlight Synapse【Chris, Amy, Cyber Songman, Cyber Diva】

    So I'm super proud that I managed to finish all this within 3 days of Vocaloid 5 release. Tho I had to rush some of the vocal tuning and mixing so please don't use this as a measure of V5's quality lolz.
  5. Chia-P

    Cyber Songman Lost World (feat Cyber Songman)

    Don't save him from isolation. He's pretty comfortable where he is. (Instrumental + Extended version: Lost World)
  6. TheStarPalace

    Star's Vocalsynth Content thread

    Hi everyone, I was super eager to make something with Cyber Songman, so I covered one of my favorite CircusP songs. Going from UTAU to Vocaloid was a huge jump, so I hope my tuning sounds okay. I wanted to make a different sort of video than what I usually make, so I drew a little animation...
  7. LesManga

    If Zucc Were Human Ft. Cyber Songman

    First music post in a while, I almost forgot about posting here. anyways, get Zucc'ed. also it's a cover of BNNY RBBT's 'If Were Human" please find any info on this lost artist if you are interested or spread awareness (will provide VSQs and Instrumental if asked for)