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  1. C

    Help with instrumentals

    Hi there, I was hoping to get some help with instrumentals, does anyone know what instrumentals Ghost and Pals uses? Along with other producers. I use FL Studio.
  2. Scarlet Illusion

    Resource Karaoke/Off Vocal Collections Thread

    A place to make it a little easier to find the instrumental you're looking for! Please feel free to leave links to available off vocals as I'll be updating this post and organizing them. ^^ Also, I added a poll because I'm not sure how I want them to be organized. Should I organize by...
  3. Overcast Immortal

    Backstabber - Instrument Post Rock/Metal

    I'm working on three Vocaloid drone metal songs featuring Dex, Daina, Maika, and Luka, but they're very big projects, with the longest being 13 minutes long. Until they're finished, I'm going to be uploading more instrumental songs that I've been holding onto for months.
  4. Overcast Immortal

    Swampwater - Instrumental Stoner Metal

    This song is heavier than most of what I've shared here, but it's not as dark as 続ける/Continue. The genre is stoner metal, which is a melodic and psychedelic subgenre of doom metal, which is pretty much what it sounds like; slow, plodding heavy metal. I myself find it uplifting, but then again I...
  5. Overcast Immortal

    At Least - Instrumental Dark Ambient

    I was planning on releasing my first Vocaloid song today, but it's behind schedule and will take at least a few more days, so here's "At Least". I wrote this song a few weeks ago, and finished the mix today. It's a very gloomy song, even by my standards. This is my first time sharing a video off...
  6. 天然P

    [Miku English???] MrPotatoBin [Original]

    Hi all, I have recently worked on this track that may serve a vocaloid singer well. If you are interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to message me!
  7. Chia-P

    Prefix (Free Spotify album released!)

    A lot of newly-released instrumentals! If you like what you hear, follow me from my Artist page! Tracklist: With You (feat. Hatsune Miku) Rain (feat. Megurine Luka) Falsehoods (Triple-Threat Mix) [feat. MEIKO, Megurine Luka, Cyber Songman] Ready, Set, Love! (Instrumental) Wasting Away...
  8. Satinather

    "The Song Of Tides" (Original Instrumental)

    Yo, it's an old instrumental of mine! This one was supposed to become a Vocaloid song featuring Fukase, but in the end it turned out as an instrumental even though I already wrote lyrics for it, hm. I hope you like it~