1. Vepar

    【VY2 Yūma】Patchwork Staccato【VOCALOID5 Cover】

    Hello friends, I return! This time with a VY2 use. I wanted to test the limits of his voicebank, and love how this came out. I hope you guys enjoy it too!
  2. Axiomatic-Vertex

    【MMD】テオ Teo【代替音トク (Daitaine Toku) ACT 6】

    kura kura kura kura kura kura
  3. Hentai

    【UTAU Model Release】 Ievan Polkka 【 Otakune Weeaboo MMD03】 +DL Links

    There done, something I forgot I commissioned in 2016. Just now released in 2020. I know the song is overdone, but him singing the song is a meme at this point, so I found it fitting for a release. I figured better release it now than never, its already 4 years late since it was first "done"...
  4. S

    MMD MAP (Multi Animators Project) Open! Participants Needed!

    I just opened up an MMD MAP and I've been having a hard time finding participants. If you've read the video description and you're interested in participating, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. poser

    Model hatsune miku model test1

    model made by me :-3 any ideas for names?
  6. derryck


    Hi guys, So I decided to make an English Miku cover of SPiCa and an MMD PV to go with it, 'cuz why not. Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks for watching! Credit in the description.
  7. Starlight-Enterprise

    Commission Stars' Multi-Media Commissions

    Okay so I am opening up Commissions on here for anyone who is interested. For terms of Art Trades please know that I will expect payment ASAP. I will let you know when my part of the trade is finished, but will not share until after you have confirmed your part is complete just to make sure...
  8. Veniea

    Hologram Ready MMD Videos

    Here are a couple hologram ready MMD videos I made recently for use in a private concert I hosted for my friends and I. I'll upload footage of the concert soon, as well as details on how I put it together.