music video

  1. Arklite

    Arklite - Puzzle Me Miku / ft. 初音ミク【MV】

    I hope you brought your puzzle pieces 🧩 🧩 🧩
  2. SeleDreams

    Hatsune Miku Pour le futur ft. Hatsune Miku French - PV

    IT TOOK ME AN ENTIRE MONT...I mean, it took me a lot of work to make lol The original lyrics are available here Pour le futur ft. Hatsune Miku French lyrics These are the translated lyrics Pour le futur ft. Hatsune Miku English translated lyrics I hope you'll like it !
  3. E

    Kikuo - Eyes Full of Cracks Student Music Video

    Hello everyone! I am too new to this forum, yet I'm super thrilled to share my music video with a community I share the main music interest with! I made this almost a year ago yet I struggled to decide whether I should share or not, mainly because I am not surrounded by people who likes...