1. poser

    VSQ Poser's UST/midi lab (taking suggestions)

    [feel free to move this thread if its in the wrong cat] basically where i'll post my untuned wip usts or other usts that i may have not released yet to things like soundcloud and youtube. also maybe sneak peeks? idk ill just throw whatever here ^_^ SUGGESTIONS are : Open! 1. Alternate - IO+...
  2. Yugifu1

    【 VOCALOID 】 Agatha All Along 【 Miku - Tonio - YOHIOloid - DEX - Fukase 】

    Who's been messing up everything? It's been Miku-san all along! Wandavision was spectacular, how many of you have seen it? I fell in love with this series from the very first frame and immediately started the Marvel saga! I hope you enjoy my cover of "Agatha All Along"! (Thanks to my...
  3. K

    Help with vqsx

    Hi! I'm having trouble loading vqsx's into piapro and Vocaloid 3. I'm using KAITO V3 and I'm not sure why I can get some to load and not others. If I load it using Vocaloid 3, it gives me an error. If I try it with piaro it crashes the entire program and I have to restart my computer. Plz help!
  4. Kazumimi

    Resource VSQx Making for Tone-deaf People

    By Sockaloid (This works for any synth, really, but I can only choose one category to put this in akfjdkdhdkd)
  5. stormtheabsol

    Question I'm trying to convert a MIDI to a VSQ and I presume I will have to write in the syllables manually. But I don't know hiragana. What should I do?

    Okay, so the problem concerning this question is a somewhat convoluted one. Recently a new Vocaloid song came out that many people are doing covers of and I want to cover it with Vocaloid 3. However, as Vocaloid 4 is more recent and the one that people generally make new covers with nowadays...
  6. Kazumimi

    VSQ/UST/MIDI/etc. Request Thread

    I came up with this idea after finding a similar thread on utaforum! I noticed there's no threads like this, but thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where people can ask for a certain song to be made into VSQ/etc.. It would work something like this: say what song you want done...
  7. PigeonP

    VSQ Pigeon's blank slate VSQ downloads

    Yo! I'm collecting all my blank VSQ so that other people can use them for covers!! You can make requests too! The website! You can download the files by pressing on the google drive/mediafire button. The original song will open in a new tab if you press the artwork, and all the buttons lead to...
  8. kurgy


    hello, i was wondering, is it possible to convert json files (from synthV) to ust or vsq(x) files? or is it possible to use a json file type in the utau or vocaloid program? theres a lovely song i wish to cover, but its a synthV song and the creator only has a json file type, any help?
  9. Magpie

    megamawaru vsqx / cover's

    a playlist to begin... select vsqx / mp3's available here: megamawaru
  10. CV420

    Commission VSQx Commissions! ★ [OPEN]

    Hi! I'm pretty new to this website, but I've been a Vocaloid fan for about 8 years now. I've experimented a lot with the program over the years and used to make YouTube covers long ago. I've decided to take a chance and open commissions for VSQx's! Here's some samples of ones I've made (Excuse...