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I have been a fan of VOCALOID for almost 10 years now!! I love everything about VOCALOIDs, the characters, the software, the music, the art, everything. I would like to someday write music and use VOCALOIDs as well as my own voice to sing!

I went to school at Milwaukee Area Technical College for an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, but I also do digital and traditional illustration, and I have experience mixing music (VOCALOID covers) and producing videos.

My favorite VOCALOID would have to be Megurine Luka! VOCALOID5 KEN is probably another favorite of mine, his voice is incredible!! I love all of them for different reasons though. My favorite UTAUloid is Nizimine Kakoi, because she is so weird and unique, and her voice is very soothing.

I have also been developing my own UTAUloids for years now, I used to manage a project called "OVSUTAU", which my friends and I all provided voices for UTAUloids. However now I am working on a solo UTAU project. As of this writing development might need to begin again seeing as the UTAU software is getting a pretty major update!

Hopefully one day I'll be able to release my voicebank and create music with him and other VOCALOIDs!
March 3
Milwaukee, WI




Twitter: ️atsune ️iku (@sour_supreme) | Twitter
SoundCloud: ✨sour supreme✨

I use VOCALOIDs and UTAUloids for song covers, and I am developing my own UTAUloid! Check him out at my SoundCloud link above!

Happy 10th, Luka! <3