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cyber diva

  1. TheStarPalace


    The tuning in this was done by Bibi, who does all the tuning for *Luna's songs!
  2. Dwi Kashiwagi

    Cyber Diva Dwi Kashiwagi Ft. Cyber Diva - The Two Rings II 『Remastered』

    Dark will make you blind in world favor. But, Light will make you see about the truth in this lie world > Full Access, and it's seem still building. > On Facebook
  3. Dwi Kashiwagi

    Cyber Diva The Two Rings (T.R.W.O.C Part 04-03)

    Original In Album Type A Mystery, Is like a something that hidden by curtain. But, how... If you find the mystery in the school... The secret rooms, The secret places, And, just full with the darkness place... Available in other digital stores: Spotify ITunes Amazon Music Copyright...
  4. vw0400

    My first Vocaloid song

    My first original song using Vocaloids. :cyberdiva_lili:
  5. Aia

    Circus-P feat. 5 Vocaloids - Zombie


    Show Them feat. CYBER DIVA

  7. elys-p

    I'm allowed to put my music here right

    I made a song last month. I, uh. I really enjoy writing music. Even if this isn't. That good. But anyway, uh. I'm not gonna scream BUY ME MORE JEWELRY but any and all support is appreciated. There's a link to my Bandcamp as well as a Patreon and Ko-Fi in the description hfsjkd But like I...
  8. Party-P


    Description: My first original song using Vocaloid 5! I'm so excited! It wasn't easy making Cyva sing so soft. She's usually quite the power singer, so I hope you enjoy :) Credits: Vocals: CYBERDIVA II Music & Lyrics: Party-P VPR & Tuning: Party-P Artwork: Party-P
  9. Quasar P

    【Vocaloid5 Original】Moonlight Synapse【Chris, Amy, Cyber Songman, Cyber Diva】

    So I'm super proud that I managed to finish all this within 3 days of Vocaloid 5 release. Tho I had to rush some of the vocal tuning and mixing so please don't use this as a measure of V5's quality lolz.