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forum game

  1. Heart-Eclipse-Dogma

    Let's Find Some Rarepair Content!

    Have you ever had a rarepair so rare there was no content of them? Have you scoured the Google images tag, the Youtube search, and the Pixiv tags, only to find nada? zilch? 何もない? And finally, while wiping away your tears and manically rereading that one 400-word unfinished fanfiction from 2009...
  2. RazzyRu (ラゼル)

    All Roads Lead to Miku

    Hi everyone! I have a forum game idea I want to try. I am not sure how well it will go, it is a bit of an experiment. So if there are any suggestions, feel free to recommend. This game is called: "All Roads Lead to Miku" :miku_rylitah: Here is how it works: 1 user gives any word...

    Is the VOCALOID Statement True to the Person Below?

    I loved this game during VO times. Rules: 1) answer if the VOCALOID statement of the last post applies to you or not 2) create a VOCALOID statement that starts with "The person below" for the next person It can be literally everything that is related to VOCALOID. Likes, dislikes, favorite...