1. Kazumimi

    Kazumi's Illustrations 'n Stuff

    Hiya! I wanted to share some artwork I uploaded to Pixiv a while back. For some reason it won't let me embed the images from Pixiv using the link, so I'll just have to put the links here. These are all a bit older, and I've improved since. I've done more stuff recently, but haven't gotten...
  2. Nemu and Luka Doodles

    Nemu and Luka Doodles

  3. Otomachi Una Talk Sketch

    Otomachi Una Talk Sketch

  4. Yuki and Miki Crayon Sketches

    Yuki and Miki Crayon Sketches

  5. Noemi Kanochi

    Noemi Kanochi

  6. Kikyuune Family Parents

    Kikyuune Family Parents

  7. Gumi Sketch (V3 Design)

    Gumi Sketch (V3 Design)

  8. LuMi Original Sketch

    LuMi Original Sketch

    The original sketch for my LuMi Pointillism.
  9. Mayu Charcoal Pencil Sketch

    Mayu Charcoal Pencil Sketch

  10. Crappy Marker Sketch SeeU

    Crappy Marker Sketch SeeU

    For some reason a lot of people like this on my Instagram. I am still confused why and its been months.
  11. Yuki Clothing Practice

    Yuki Clothing Practice