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  • So... apparently my vocal range is 3 octaves + 1 note (and its a note sane people don't try to sing). My lowest note is D#3 and my highest note is D#6. Like... I knew my range was stupid big but I never counted how many octaves it was. Now I can answer people more quickly if/when they ask.
    Edit: Never mind apparently I can reach F6.
    Yo, if anyone here is interested in Pillowfort.socail, I've got 10+ free registration keys if you don't wanna pay the 5 bucks
    The newest project I'm working on is a cover of The Dream Granter by I0Lite with Neko Kanochi! I wanted to mimic the PV, so it may take at least 2 more weeks. After I put that out I'm gonna do a Japanese UTAU cover and a SynthV Eleanor cover :D I love Ellie so much.
    Dang, like... it's taken me a while to proper get back into voice synth stuff. At first, I was kinda warming up my UTAU and SynthV skills to get them up to par with pre-hiatus me. I also made a list of covers I want to do and even made a purchase plan for things (which, y'know, I could follow through with if I remembered where my debit card was LOL). Today I download DeepVocal, which I hadn't tried yet, but oh boy... It's not anything like I'm used to. Basic things were tripping me up (which, to be fair, happened when I opened UTAU and SynthV for the first time). We'll see if I get the hang of it, or even make a voice for it, but it's not a huge priority right now.
    Just finished recording an UTAU tutorial! I've got to edit it and render it (I'm not sure how long it ended up being) but I'm still super excited to put it on Vocaverse! Besides someone asked me to make a guide like this a while ago.
    I really love SynthV! Like, a lot! I like how there are so many different options for controlling pitch, how the vibrato works, and the voicebanks. The tension parameter and the voicing parameter are my favorites because they allow for some really cool expression, especically when compared to UTAU. Eleanor and Renri are a joy to use imo and they have really nice voicetypes. I haven't used Genbu a ton yet, but I'm sure I'll like him as well. I started a duet cover with Eleanor and Renri in English and have an idea for a cover with Genbu and Renri in Spanish. :D I'm excited to buy AiKO when I get an opportunity.
    Something really good happened today! My dad asked me what Vocaloid was when I mentioned (he collects Funko Pops, and I wondered if Vocaloid Pops existed). He was interested in what I had to say! He's into music too, so he was like, "Huh, I haven't heard about that before." When I told him Yamaha owns it, he was like "?!?!" I told him about what I've been looking at to buy and stuff too, and he told me to ask if I needed help getting anything! :O
    I had a really good rant out loud a couple hours ago about V5 and how it's been weighting on my mind ever since it came, and it was a good release. I don't think I've felt so calm about the situation until now. It's like I was finally able to process everything.
    The only thing I'm having problems with is getting the nerve to ask my mom for permission to buy either. It's with my own money, but I don't want to make a big purchase behind her back. I also don't want to say "christmas present to myself! :D" because then SHE'LL buy it FOR me and she definitely can't afford it.
    Maybe it would be good to tell her you've been waiting and saving up for this and are excited so she understand better. Kind of related, but the Cryptonloid updated voicebanks are coming out "for Luka's anniversary" (not sure if it'll be before or after Jan 31st), so maybe you should wait a little longer if you can? I assume they'll come with an updated Piapro that's similar to Vocaloid Editor 5 and also Studio One again. (Plus, it's supposed to have a VocaListener equivalent, that's all I know.)
    I've found two solutions to the no-more-V4-Nana-starter-pack problem. On one hand, there's CeVIO - there's an IA English package for about $44 less. On the other hand, there's Piapro - there's a Kaito V3 package at roughly the same price as the Nana starter. It's good to know I have options, but I might go with Piapro because there is support for Vocaloid 4 voices there.
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    After you get Luka and Nana you can always get Kaito afterwards. :kiyoteru_lili:
    @GreenFantasy64 See, the thing is that I really want Dex as well, and Kaito and Dex sound too similar to me for me to want to own both of them. I was thinking I could get Kaito and just not get Dex, but if I'm not getting Kaito, I might as well get Dex, who I prefer.
    Well, sometimes Dex would always be on sale from Zero-G. So you can always get him for a good price! :dex_lili:
    For Kaito, I got him from Amazon that someone had him for $138 rather than $150-160. So if you like you can get him later on perhaps. :kaito_ani_lili:
    The first full, and my favorite, original song that I ever wrote is so silly and ridiculous I don't think anyone will take it seriously. Also, I have to figure out at least a basic instrumental for it before I can actually do anything with it.
    I was working on an Engrish UST for one UTAU... then when I switched the UTAU, it sounded like he had a lisp! : D It was the cutest thing ever! (I think it had to do with me doing everything I could to empasize the constanents because the first UTAUs vowels were so loud.)
    I don't feel close to ever getting one of those badge for making a lot of posts... I've added media and status updates, but that's it for the most part.
    It took me FOREVER to find the option in Audacity to make parts of a sound clip either quieter or louder... apparently it's called "Envelope?" I also found something called "Crossfade Clips" that seem like they could be really helpful for Engrish and making vowel sounds out of other vowels, like "aye" out of "a" and "i." I'm gonna have to find a way to then stretch clips out... it shortens the clips for some reason.
    I'M GETTING SO CLOSE TO FINISHING MY FIRST UST FOR A COVER!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO START MIXING IT (learning to tune can honestly wait... unless messing with the voice's volume counts XD ; I know that can work with editing a person's voice.)
    Well, for once, I actually had something to contribute to the chat! We were talking about ways to save and draft writing. Of course, somehow it turned into me asking questions about phonetics, but, eh, at least I learned something.
    I wonder how ambitious it is to start both another cover and using Engrish when I barely know what I am doing, all things considered. (I'm also gonna have to learn how to draw the UTAU I've been using - oops?)
    To be totally honest, I always keep up with the general chat in the Discord server (even though I have pretty much nothing to contribute.) There is just so much that can be learned through reading some chat logs about Vocaloid.
    YO, PEOPLE! You could use media/albums for more than just artwork! There are TONS of approved websites for embedding, but I want to mention Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp specifically! They be good for uploading your songs in rather than in a thread!
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