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  • The first full, and my favorite, original song that I ever wrote is so silly and ridiculous I don't think anyone will take it seriously. Also, I have to figure out at least a basic instrumental for it before I can actually do anything with it.
    I was working on an Engrish UST for one UTAU... then when I switched the UTAU, it sounded like he had a lisp! : D It was the cutest thing ever! (I think it had to do with me doing everything I could to empasize the constanents because the first UTAUs vowels were so loud.)
    I don't feel close to ever getting one of those badge for making a lot of posts... I've added media and status updates, but that's it for the most part.
    It took me FOREVER to find the option in Audacity to make parts of a sound clip either quieter or louder... apparently it's called "Envelope?" I also found something called "Crossfade Clips" that seem like they could be really helpful for Engrish and making vowel sounds out of other vowels, like "aye" out of "a" and "i." I'm gonna have to find a way to then stretch clips out... it shortens the clips for some reason.
    I'M GETTING SO CLOSE TO FINISHING MY FIRST UST FOR A COVER!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO START MIXING IT (learning to tune can honestly wait... unless messing with the voice's volume counts XD ; I know that can work with editing a person's voice.)
    Well, for once, I actually had something to contribute to the chat! We were talking about ways to save and draft writing. Of course, somehow it turned into me asking questions about phonetics, but, eh, at least I learned something.
    I wonder how ambitious it is to start both another cover and using Engrish when I barely know what I am doing, all things considered. (I'm also gonna have to learn how to draw the UTAU I've been using - oops?)
    To be totally honest, I always keep up with the general chat in the Discord server (even though I have pretty much nothing to contribute.) There is just so much that can be learned through reading some chat logs about Vocaloid.
    YO, PEOPLE! You could use media/albums for more than just artwork! There are TONS of approved websites for embedding, but I want to mention Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp specifically! They be good for uploading your songs in rather than in a thread!
    I experimented with the "Media" section of the site! I made an album called "Elsa12TMNT's artwork," and now if you click on "Media" on my profile you'll see it. I figured out both how to make an album and how to add to it (on desktop and mobile). I embeded my Instagram in it, and since you can comment and track stats on each piece individually without spamming the forum, I think it's better than one "art thread."
    When I was making a list of what Vocaloids I'd be intrested in buying, I was pretty surprised at my preferences. For some reason, I'd really like to have tons of guy voices. I wonder if it's because of a subconscious "making up for" the fact that I don't have a guy's voice.
    I'm working on my first ever UTAU cover (which is also my second attempt at a original UST as well) and I gotta say... it's been so much fun! It took me a while to learn how UTAU works and to come up with a decent workflow. Plus, I had to try to understand how Japanese works - every time I look at English in UTAU it flies straight over my head; I don't understand it.
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