utau cover

  1. RoidoP

    【Matsudappoiyo】 Full Service OST - "Kimi No Te / Your Hands" 【UTAU Cover ・ My 1st UTAU Anniversary】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing :leon_lili: New upcoming cover premiering 11/24 @ 7pm PH Standard Time, hope y'all can make it! :matsudappoiyo_lili:
  2. RoidoP

    【Hiraya】 Steampianist - "Ang Cariñosa" 【UTAU OPM Cover】

    Mabuhay y'all!! 🇵🇭 I made this cover quite recently and might as well share it here :meiko_lili:
  3. HIRA

    After the Rain/夕立ち ft. 不破マリア・マリオ

    New cover I posted recently with a simple PV! I hope you guys like
  4. jasmin00

    (Finnish UTAU cover PV) : July ft. Aino Erufu & Krisutau + UST

    It's rare to see a Finnish UTAU cover....and especially with a full PV....so Krispy and I decided to make one! with our UTAUs Aino Erufu and Krisutau :D This also works as a Voicebank reveal for Aino...cuz this vb is her new Finnish Pika-Suomi voicebank! The song is about summer, love and July...
  5. Jaxonloid

    Jaxonloid's covers

    Here I will post my vocaloid covers!
  6. jasmin00

    UTAU 7th Anniversary Cover : Aino Erufu - Eat Me

    My elf daughter Aino Erufu turned seven years old today! ;w; I made this cover as a celebration for her birthday, and I'd love to get feedback! Voicebank download, if someone would like! : Download
  7. Axiomatic-Vertex

    【MMD】テオ Teo【代替音トク (Daitaine Toku) ACT 6】

    kura kura kura kura kura kura
  8. jasmin00

    【UTAU x MMD COVER】 「 PONPONPON 」【Kiki Sagawa】+ DL

    Voicebank download : click here Credits in the description of the video! ;v;
  9. kamonohashi

    【UTAUカバー】Seasonal Feathers (四季折の羽)【Matsudappoine・Matsudappoiyo】

    SC: YT: hope y'all enjoy! :) the specific banks i used are Matsudappoine Flower and ice and Matsudappoiyo Light and Retake Edge
  10. Hentai

    【UTAU Model Release】 Ievan Polkka 【 Otakune Weeaboo MMD03】 +DL Links

    There done, something I forgot I commissioned in 2016. Just now released in 2020. I know the song is overdone, but him singing the song is a meme at this point, so I found it fitting for a release. I figured better release it now than never, its already 4 years late since it was first "done"...
  11. HIRA


    I released a new cover not too long ago! :0