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  1. Anonymous

    Ya all thinking vocaloid is just a song ?

    I have been working on vocal songs for a year And I understood songs that change the world for me and tell me what is happening around me, if there is someone who researches on Vocals or not, I will be happy to tell me what you think about vocaloid song's
  2. Anonymous

    Help me find out

    can somebody tell me what does it mean ?
  3. sae

    Resource phQli:glQt Job Plugins for SeeU and UNI Korean + Japanese libraries

    phQli:glQt Job Plugins phQli:glQt Job Plugins is not associated in any way with STMEDiA or SBS Artech. phQli: glQt Job Plugins are only a pack of plugins that facilitate the use of the user who has them in his power to create cover or original songs. Here are some of the details. ---Thanks...
  4. A

    Made a korean Original

    Hey guys, I'm a kid livin in korea and I made an original. I bet some of you might like this song, so I'm posting this Hope you enjoy it and It'll be nice to subscribe if you liked it.