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phQli:glQt Job Plugins for SeeU and UNI Korean + Japanese libraries

Resource phQli:glQt Job Plugins for SeeU and UNI Korean + Japanese libraries


phQli:glQt Job Plugins
phQli:glQt Job Plugins is not associated in any way with STMEDiA or SBS Artech.
phQli: glQt Job Plugins are only a pack of plugins that facilitate the use of the user who has them in his power to create cover or original songs.

Here are some of the details.

---Thanks for your interest in phQli: glQt Job Plugins.

phQli:glQt Job Plugins is being released with 11 plugins(5 for SeeU, 5 for UNI and 1 to Japanese libraries).

The plugin instructions and extra things will be delivered in 8 translations(I am not a native speaker of most translations, so sorry if there are any errors).

Thanks you very much.​

When you already have SeeU and UNI, and you want to make them sing in other languages, it is a very difficult task, changing phonemes, adjusting notes, and so on. With this plugin you will not spend that long time changing note by note to make them sing a cover, or an original song composed and/or produced by you, you will save the time you spend making note by note, in just a couple of clicks.

Thanks to all the time saved, you can use it in the tuning of your project and only make small adjustments to the notes.

To start working on your projects with phQli:glQt Job Plugins, you have to have the VOCALOID Editor 3 or 4, preferably V4, and with the voice libraries of SeeU or UNI, or both.
And lastly, you only have to own a vsq or vsqx of the language you want to use, or have one of the voices with the language and make from scratch the project you want to work on.

phQli:glQt supports all the languages that VOCALOID has in theirs libraries, with details for each SeeU and UNI libraries.

The libraries or voice banks, are those that contain the voice databank, such as "SeeU". You need to load the library of the voice of the language you want to make your vsqx project, and then change it to the voice of SeeU or UNI into the Editor, then activate phQli:glQt plugin to use it.


With these accessories you can make SeeU sing in;
- English.
With UNI you can make her sing in;


*And it comes with an extra plugin to make any Japanese library sing in Korean.*

VOCALOD JobPLugin phQli:glQt Minimum System Requierments:

* VOCALOID, 3, 4 or 5(but you will need to import the vsqx from V3 / V4 to V5).

* Windows OS : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64bit).

* Mac OS X : Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8 (32/64bit).

* HDD: 48.7 MB of available space.

Language Plugins


Mac OS X users must read!
VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase and Cubase 7 or later are absolutely necessary to use the VOCALOD 4 libraries on Mac OS X!. Please note that if you own “VOCALOD 4 Editor” sold by Character Planet, you cannot use it on Mac OS X!. Mac OS X users, please get the VOCALOID 4 Editor for Cubase download at VOCALOID ( ボーカロイド・ボカロ ) 公式サイト.
You can get SeeU V3, UNI V4, and VOCALOID 4 Editor in here!

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