1. ammbot

    V5 MEIKAs K-pop cover: Queendom - red velvet

    my first post on here! hello and uh hi here's my latest vocaloid cover!
  2. SeleDreams

    VOCALOID [For Developers] VOCALOID5 Plugin Template Project

    I have made a template project to help developers interested into developing VOCALOID5 plugins, I made it by making sure to write a clean and commented code as well as showing how to do the most used types of actions in order to make it easy to start getting into development, even for beginners...
  3. SeleDreams

    VOCALOID Betterloid - VOCALOID5 Unofficial Plugin System

    Hi everyone, I have recently been working on an unofficial plugin system for VOCALOID5 since YAMAHA still didn't add an official one. The first plugin I made with it is a plugin adding custom backgrounds to vocaloid 5 There are two types of plugins that can be made with this tool : -...
  4. Vepar

    【VY2 Yūma】Patchwork Staccato【VOCALOID5 Cover】

    Hello friends, I return! This time with a VY2 use. I wanted to test the limits of his voicebank, and love how this came out. I hope you guys enjoy it too!
  5. Vepar

    【IA V3, VY2 V5】Snowman【VOCALOID Collab Cover】

    Better just a tad too late than never, right? Here's a christmas collab I recently put together with my good friend Vetis! I'm really happy with the tuning and mix, and this time it's with a little something for our resident IA and VY2 fans. Hopefully y'all enjoy listening to it as much as I do!
  6. StrawberryDemon

    Do you think Vflower will get a v5 update

    :agree:yes :disagree:No
  7. SeleDreams

    [ORIGINAL] SeleDreams ft. MAYU FRENCH - "Un espoir mensonger"

    I finally finished it after all this work. it was fun to make Mayu sing french, I always felt like her voice would sound good in french, even more with some tuning using VOCALOID 5 singing styles I think i'll maybe make a tutorial if people want one on making japanese and english voicebanks sing...
  8. D

    Vocaloid4 to vocaloid 5?

    The vocaloids I have on my old computer were deactivated, and I got a new computer. I installed the banks again on my new computer, only to find that there was an incorrect serial number. When I went on the vocaloid4 license manager, it said that I'd never installed the vocaloids and the...
  9. Quasar P

    【Vocaloid5 Original】Moonlight Synapse【Chris, Amy, Cyber Songman, Cyber Diva】

    So I'm super proud that I managed to finish all this within 3 days of Vocaloid 5 release. Tho I had to rush some of the vocal tuning and mixing so please don't use this as a measure of V5's quality lolz.