Yuzuki Yukari 【Yuzuki Yukari】それだけで / Sore Dake De 【Yudaki Maru】


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Jun 4, 2018
If y'all ain't part of the Notification Squad for Yaduki Maru, you can fix that this moment ;)
Thankfully, I was able to catch the premiere for one of his releases. feelsgoodman.jpg
This is a relatively relaxing rock song. Beautiful instrumentation, great vocal tuning, lovely emotion, and cute lil Yukari illustrations. What's not to love?
Also, what would the translation be to "sore dake de"? Google Translate says "that alone," which is a literal translation, but I'm looking for a more "natural sounding" one, if that makes any sense?

Released: 23-Feb-2020
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Jun 16, 2018
Glad to see someone else like Yaduki's work. This is the first time I listen to his 'serious' song (he stated that "it's a serious song since a while" in the description).

As for the title's translation, You can say "That is all" or "That alone", just like the google translate's suggestion. Both title would not make sense unless you understand the lyric though. それだけ(Sore dake) definitively means "that's all", but それだけで(Sore Dake De) implies there's another word after it.

"That is all" (I need) / "That alone" (is enough)
As someone that can read Japanese, I prefer That Alone, but if you can't understand the lyric, it may be wiser to translate it to "That is all." This is just my take on it though.
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