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Apr 20, 2018
Hi there!

Since IA English is soon going to be released and IA talk is already on I came up with idea but since I lack any musical talent I came here to ask for help. If there is anyone who would like to collaborate on making cover of (heh) Motorhead song called "Going to Brasil" (it's like 2:30 long) and maybe some small talk for video with IA training playing the guitar. I'm willing to do the animation job and only need someone to do the sound job~ For now those are just rough plans but I feel like IA needs more community love~!

> I'm looking for anyone who would like to do their best since I can't offer much (I'm poor student after all... buying food is only thing I can afford recently...).
> If it will be fun for both me and other person/people we might try doing more such things
> Well, here is what I can do so you can consider if you want to work with me: Music videos - YouTube
> I'm planning to start making this around August, this year (Right after I'll be done/almost done with my current animation).

If there will be anyone interested (or just feel like talking) write here on or write message to me on Twitter : NixieBlue (@Nixie_Blue) | Twitter :)

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