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CeVIO reinstall won't work




I'm trying to move CeVIO from my old pc (crashes when I try to edit a note), to a newer one so it'll run smoothly. However, when I tried to install it on the new pc, it told me the license key was in use on another pc, and asked if I wanted to try another one. Selecting yes sends me back to the original "type your license key in to activate it", and selecting no closes the program altogether.

Now I just bought this program today, mere hours ago. I uninstalled the program completely from my old pc, deleted the program files in the C: drive as well as the CeVIO documents folder. After uninstalling I restarted the computer, as well as the new one for good measure. Still no luck!

I'm not sure why it keeps telling me this. If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!


long suffering synth fan
Apr 8, 2018
You should just be able to enter your license key in, if that doesn't work there should be a google form on CeVIO's website about renewing your activation code, I believe. Hope you get it working!

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