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CFM is going to do stuff with the VRM vtuber format


May 17, 2018
Miku and friends made a quick cameo in a little video put out by the VRM Consortium (at 1:52)

For anyone not up to speed on VRM. It's a Unity based format agreed upon by several companies and developers for avatars that can be used in VR, AR, vtuber programs and more. VRoid might be the most well known VRM model editor out there at the moment.

Edit: According to this article (VTuberなどのファイル形式「VRM」を国際標準へ--13社がコンソーシアムを設立), Crypton will be one of the 13 companies joining this consortium. Maybe they're moving away from Sega with models used in their concerts? I dunno.

Edit 2: More details about what CFM wants to do with the format. Here's a rough mechanical translation of what a rep from the said at the press conference
Yuriko Kumagai CGM team manager of Krypton · Future media, who has made live of Hatsune Miku successful, introduced the real time 3DCG control system "R 3" in real time with 3D characters singing and dancing according to music. "Without expert knowledge, you can sync with the movements of live performance and virtual characters, and you can co-star with those with easy tempo.This is now only the character dealing with our company, but due to the spread of VRM It is possible to realize concerts etc in cooperation with characters) "said the prospect.
Japanese article I got that from 日本発世界標準へ、VTuberで注目のフォーマット「VRM」コンソーシアム2月設立
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