Converting VSQ to SVP ...does pitch only get transferred?


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May 19, 2022
Converting VSQ to SVP ...does pitch only get transferred?

this means any other qualities of the voice are lost

Synth V i think has slightly different names than Vocaloid also....for example SYnth V has "Tension" which Vocaloid must be something else

but all of these are lost during the conversion of the file? is there any way to keep them somehow? i guess not?


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Jul 14, 2018
i believe pitch will convert over for svp/vsq, but you can also use a website like this to guarantee pitch parameters will be transferred between different formats (they are most often lost in formats like ust though).

i pretty much only use that site because some formats just dont read the same parameters. parameters like tension dont exist either so, yes sadly they wont be in the converted file. you may be able to copy the nodes to a parameter that the two software share, but theyre sometimes named differently and im not entirely sure if it would carry over either...
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