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Apr 16, 2018
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Hello everyone! A thread for circles had to exist at sometime or another, so I took it upon myself to create a thread for them!

Dojin Circles are groups who arrange various Touhou tracks and release albums, usually at Comiket, with said tracks. The groups are very diverse ranging from jazz to kawaii pop to metal.
For a more detailed explanation and demos from various groups, watch Yuunarii's video on doujin circles.

The purpose of this thread is to talk abut your favorite circles, highlight underrated ones, and talk about new albums and songs.
Have fun in this thread!:kaito_move:
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Apr 11, 2018
I love shibayan, whether it be house or bossanova, their music is so good!

I also like this circle that composes a lot of andean folk renditions!

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Apr 8, 2018
I'm mainly addicted to all the Eurobeat there is, from circles such as A-One, Eurobeat Union, aaand the others I'm forgetting

And I also obsess over ALiCE'S EMOTiON, which is pretty much the circle where all of REDALiCE's (and sometimes t+pazolite's) Touhou stuff goes
I listen to all sorts from other circles though, and keep discovering new circles all the time!

Also, to @Sharkartist , Yuunarii might hunt you if she discovers you spelt her name wrong
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Apr 9, 2018
Just discovered Alstroemeria Records the other day.

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