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I'm having to mix this on really crappy earbuds, so I could use some feedback on whether or not the mix sounds alright (the compression is definitely better than my old cover of it because Teto's consonants aren't super stabby this time, wwwww). Also I had to use harmonies from a different UST and cannot get them matched up for the life of me despite my best effort to edit the harmony USTs to match with the original UST I'd used. :ring_ani_lili:
Just... bear with me, lol.
Embeds aren't working for some reason so... hyperlink time. Cover
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This is actually really good! I really love how powerful her voice sounds in here! However, her voice seems out of sync towards the end, like she's not speaking the words fast enough to the song. That seems to be the only issue, though. Other than that, great work!

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