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Jul 21, 2018
So, I love to work in SynthV, especially Maki (I prefer her english to Eleanor actually). But as I make originals and not covers I tend to change my song while working on it, so I might decide to move a part to another place in the song. But the parameter edits don't seem to follow! Am I doing something wrong? I edit in the VST version in Studio One. In Piapro all edits follow the words if you move the words, so I was quite dissapointed when it happened. Now I need to be sure my song structure is finished before I do any parameter editing.
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Apr 8, 2018
Not a SV Pro owner (yet--) but in Vocaloid the parameters don't move when you move notes (sadly. It's very frustrating) so I'd assume that yeah, the parameters aren't meant to move with the notes. It's unfortunate.

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