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How can I use Voicebanks that I have activated and used on VOCALOID6 with VOCALOID4 for Cubase?

chuni penguin

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May 26, 2023
Sorry, this is an awkward question, but I got a copy of VOCALOID6 back in December 2022 along with Yukari Jun V4 voicebank. I activated both things and used Yukari a couple of time on VOCALOID6, but I just recently got VOCALOID4 for Cubase, and want to use Yukari on it rather than on VOCALOID6. Do I need to deactivate and reactivate Yukari or something? Or otherwise?

Oh and I'm asking this because when I open Cubase 12 AI and try to Open Vocaloid4 Editor, it doesn't let me, so I'm thinking it needs a V4 Voicebank but I'm not sure.

Edit: Fixed!
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Dareka tasukete!
Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
Have you tried deactivating/reactivating or uninstalling/reinstalling Yukari’s vbs? You could check and make sure that V4 for Cubase is updated fully as well. (I haven’t used V4 for cubase, but the updating thing works for PiaPro studio.)

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