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How do you import MMD models to VRChat?


Dec 26, 2020
United States
What the title says. I don't have any MMD models at the moment but I was wondering how you can import MMD models to VRChat.

I also have an Oculus Quest 2 so I was wondering how you could make the models compatible with it.
Sep 21, 2019
Before attempting to import MMD models, you should ensure that you can understand the readmes and that the model maker actually permits using their models in another program. Most MMD model makers don't allow use of their models in VRchat (and other places outside MMD). It's especially important for Japanese model makers to not have their models used elsewhere due to the way copyright law works in Japan (from my understanding, they can get in trouble if someone else uses their model in a way that violates laws/ToS').
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