How should I release my UTAUloid?

single dynamic VB or two VB: soft and power?

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i am currently working on an UTAU voicebank, but i have a question regarding the voicebanks i'd release first.

should i release one dynamic voicebank (by dynamic i mean breathy/husky lower range, and a powerful higher range), or two voicebanks, one huskier/breathier, another more powerful. all of these will be tripitch, but its basically between one voicebank that sort of covers a lot of ground, or two voicebanks that cover a lot of ground, but then there's not really a native tone voicebank.

also it should be noted that whichever i end up going with, i will probably develop the other voicebanks for a later date. as in, if i develop a dynamic voicebank, i will probably develop the other appends later, and vise versa.

lol idk if that made any sense but there you go.

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