Commission [LF] VSQx proofreaders/makers


Doujin lyricist/Producer & MEIKO fanatic
Apr 8, 2018
Somewhere in Cali
I'm looking for experienced and fast working producers or anyone in general to help proofread (as in fixing off key errors on the piano roll) my VSQx and/or create one from scratch. This will be a paying commission for both projects each. Those willing to take on the project(s) must have an open line of communication, give updates at least once a week & must be able to work with a deadline. Information about each project is as follows:

Project 1:
Slow tempo ballad needs proofreading on the VSQx. Most of it was worked on previously by myself & then a small portion of it was proofread in a commission, but was dropped recently. I've more or less finished the VSQx by myself, but I know it needs fixing to go more smoothly with the melody of the song.

Project 2:
Slow-mid tempo jazz ballad needs a brand new VSQx to be created. Song has never been released & I was given explicit permission by the producer to make my own song of it. Those willing to take this project must be able to listen to the music by ear, transcribe the notes & possibly help with proofreading.

If you are interested in taking on one of these projects, please reply to this thread with examples of your work & what prices you take for such commissions. Thank you in advance.

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