Making Miku sing Filipino: Tainted's Noobish attempts at Vocaloid OPM (Original Philippine Music) Covers WIPs


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Apr 14, 2018
A little backgrounder: aside from the two Sound Production subjects in my Multimedia Arts college course a few years back, I have no musical credentials. I am however, have been interested in learning music when I was a kid, but time and money-wise can't really afford it. When I got Miku as a Christmas gift, along with being inspired after attending my first Miku concert last year, that accelerated me to convincing myself to at least learn what my younger self did not.

Basically I only have a few months under my belt since I have been "studying" music...

I have always been a fan of out local language music. There are a handful of Philippine Vocaloid Producers, but being in a small third-world country where Vocaloid is not really that much of a mainstream thing, that's a given. As I read in a documentation The Filipino and the Japanese language have some similarities (some syllables and pronunciations) as well as differences (no end consonants like ng in "bang"), which makes making Miku sing both easy to use but challenging to tweak.

I hope I get to pickup some tips from this community, and I hope there are some Pinoy Producers lurking in these here parts.

Here are some of the things I have access to:
Miku's v4x package (EN and JP)
DAWs: Studio One Artist ed & Adobe Audition
Potato iPhone for recording and a few friends who plays guitar
An old out of tune piano, but I also have Garageband on my iPad lol.

Here is my first attempt of a classic OPM song


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Apr 17, 2018
Ooh, another Filipino Vocaloid Fan! I would recommend you studying some VSQXs of other filipino Vocaloid Users. (There are quite a lot v3xman, MangoSiRyan, Jirai, Dasu, Ensou, etc.) v3xman has some tutorials of how he makes videos up on youtube!

Best of luck to you!
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