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Monster Hunter World


Apr 8, 2018
Well with Monster Hunter World being released today I figured this would be appropriate. I will admit I only joined the monster hunter craze at 4 on the 3ds so I am probably a noob compared to some people. World so far is fun, but feels a little bit slow compared to my previous romps in the monster hunter universe. However, I am chalking that up to my system probably not meeting the required standards. (The game calls for a GTX 1060 while my laptop only has a 960m and I put the settings on high when I should of probably put them on medium or low) I'm going to have to relearn the hunting horn steps so I can start rocking out but the more missions I do the easier it should get....well as easy as monster hunter gets. What are your guys thoughts on it so far? Did you start on console in January, or wait like I did for the PC release? What is your main weapon? Feel free to post questions in the game and maybe we can help each other out.


VSTi Metal Producer
Jul 24, 2018
San Antonio, Texas
While the hype was strong for the console release a while back, I was looking forward to waiting for the PC release so I could hunt with the bros. Unfortunately it took too long, and now its pretty much died down amongst my own peers. The incentive to get it is pretty low, especially since I'm buried in music and tutorial projects at the moment. These days, all the gaming I can manage is a few balloon world runs in Mario Oddysey or a bit of grinding in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If I ever run into a pit of free time, I'll consider this game since I really like dinosaurs/dragons.