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Does it make you mad that there are so many edits you want to play but you can't because you lack the song??? And you don't want to be a pirate? Fine!:kaito_move:
Many famous songs are distributed for free by their producers. You don't need to purchase an album but you might need a Piapro account.:miku_chickadee:
Here is a list of free songs for some popular edits. Most of them are based on F 2nd edits but if there are existing edits for older Project DIVA games, you can use these MP3s for them too.

Want to contribute to the list? Here are the rules you have to follow.

1) Do only link resources that are provided by a song's original producers! You can link official uploads on platforms that provide a download function, such as Piapro, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.
2) You can also link the description of an official YouTube / niconico / billibilli upload that includes a link to a file sharing site, such as Dropbox and Mediafire, but do NOT link the file sharing site directly!
3) You can also link the producer's official site that provides a free download, such as TakeponG's site!
4) Download links that are provided by an unauthorized third party are not allowed at all!
5) If you are not sure if your resource is legal or not, look for the song's title on VocaDB and see if it has the "free" tag!
6) Do only submit MP3 resources for already existing edits! All Project DIVA games with an Edit Mode are allowed.
7) If the song's edit is only available in the Japanese/Western version, tell us so!

List of songs

Only available in the Japanese version of PD F 2nd.


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