S.I.M.A.【AVANNA & Cyber Songman】Original Song【Satinengel】


Apr 8, 2018
Hoi, Satin here!
This was the second VOCALOID original I ever published on my YouTube channel.
It was a belated birthday gift to a good friend of mine!
They enjoy "soft" rap tracks, so I tried to compose one for the first time ever, it was pretty wild.
It also was the first time I made a Vocaloid rap! At that time I didn't own CyMan myself, so I had to do blind tuning with Fukase and let it be rendered by a friend of mine, Hiyimi.
Also it was only a few days after I got AVANNA and that was when the madness started - she became my most-used Vocaloid. xD

Feel free to use the MIDI and/or instrumental in the description for a cover or remix, more information related to that here.

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