Teru's Cover Thread

My youtube channel is here, but I have not posted on it since 2018.

But uh! Hi, I'm Teru, and along with drawings I occasionally do covers. Mostly with KaitoV3!

My soundcloud is here, but I'll start this thread listing my three most recent covers. I haven't made videos for them yet--- mostly because my brain goes a bit too big for them and thus I get overwhelmed, haha. But--- if/whenever I do, I'll probably post the vids here??? Ye.

Original : syudou
UST : 囀る藤の庭

Original : Kikuo
UST : fevernight123

Original : Peperon-P
VSQ : RorunaK according to the .txt
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Okay so I finally slapped these onto my Soundcloud!

These are both english-the-the-JP-VB's type covers, so.

Yes the undertale song-- lyrics by Aria Rose, but I changed a couple lines for character/musing purposes.

Another Undertale thing-- remix by Karasu, lyrics by Aria Rose, end line idea from Jayn, and a couple lines changed or character/musing purposes as well. ....admittedly a bit of a mess, but. It was sitting around for too long.

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