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Unused Songs in Project Diva! (write-up...thingy)


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Apr 11, 2018
Throughout the Diva series, there've been quite a few songs that were included in games at some point, but didn't end up making the final game intended. So here's a write-up on those, because....I'm bored and like to share pointless knowledge lol

Several songs were considered for inclusion in games, then ended up being included in a different one (or alternatively, were considered as repeat songs but dropped).

-BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER : This song was in the beta for the very first game! As we all know, it wasn't in that one, and wouldn't manage a full appearance until Project Diva F.
-Sakura no Ame : This song was in the first game, but vanished afterwards until F 2nd due to licensing problems. However, the audio for the original edit is still in the files for Arcade/Future Tone and Project Diva Dreamy Theater: additionally, the level data is preserved in Project Diva 2nd. (This could simply be leftover files, but being in Arcade indicates plans to include it).
-Leia : This song is in Future Tone, but files indicate it was an early contender for Project mirai as well (possibly being replaced by No Logic). There's also an unfinished module for the song in mirai; interestingly, while the module and all other unused mirai data was removed for Project mirai 2/DX, the data for Leia is still present, suggesting it was considered again but ultimately dropped.(Darn.)
-Various unused animations in the original Project mirai suggest ColorfulxMelody, I'll Make You Do the Miku Miku, Packaged, Golden Holy Night, and StargazeR were early considerations. (However, all are very unfinished, so they seem to have been dropped early). Additionally, unused modules indicate Rin and Meiko may have been planned to have versions of Kimi no Taion.

note: it's getting quite late. I'll finish this tomorrow with the TRULY unused songs!....and also maybe the ones from IA V/T Colorful?....
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Apr 11, 2018

Not every song that went unused ended up in a different game; a few have (at least as of yet) never shown up again.
-Your Flower With My Song - This Re:ng song was, like Black Rock, in the beta for the very first game. Unlike Black Rock, it never came back. (However, Re:ng has a different song in Arcade).
-LINK - This song by Hoso-Q and MNW came so close to being featured in Arcade that not only are there files in game for it, it was actually on the first Arcade Collection CD with an edited version to game length. Nevertheless, what is suspected to be licensing issues kept it from ever actually appearing.
-FINAL TAKE OFF - There were two more Sega remix songs planned to be in Arcade. This one by U-ji and U-SUKE is from Afterburner (like...well, Afterburner). I'm so disappointed this one wasn't included. It's so fire!!. Notably, this one isn't actually in the game files, but there's an empty PV that was likely to hold it (i believe it's known for sure that this song was considered).
-Alone Fighter - This is the other Sega remix song, from Galaxy Force II. So, I haven't been able to find any actual info on this one besides that it exists. No upload, no producer. Either it's uploaded under a name I'm not thinking to check (i can't find any indication of different JP soundtrack titles) or it was just never released. Nevertheless, the audio is available on the cutting room floor.
-welcome to wobbling field - This Camellia song is also present in the files for Future Tone. You might notice something about the vocals featured in it....could they have been trying to.... get Gumi in the game?
-AI - This title is listed in the data files for Project mirai 2 and DX. There are like, 200 songs by this title and honestly I have no idea which one it would have been. (The Cutting Room Floor thinks it was the Chika song by GHOST, but points out that neither Chika nor the song existed when Mirai 2 came out so uh. probably not? Picon's Miku song seems the most likely eligible candidate, but it also wasn't written yet.)
-Love Trick - This sakuramio song sung by Meiko is also listed in the data for mirai 2/DX (notably stylized as LOVETRICK).
-"Phantom Thief Concert" - this final song from 2/DX's list is most likely Phantom Thief F's Scenario (Mystery Of The Missing Diamond) by HitoshizukuxYama. Notably, this song features Gackpo, IA, and Mayu, which may have been why it was cut. The licensing for this song seems...unlikely to pull off, so I suspect this was a song to test features someone on staff didn't mind hearing on repeat. :miki_smile_lili:

And that's all the unused Diva songs! Stay tuned for whenever I feel like doing a write up on IA V/T Colorful, which somehow has more unused songs than the entire Diva series?? (And possibly part 4, Diva Room only songs).

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