[Vocaloid Original] Timeless Singer [ Miku V4 ENG Trial ]

Apr 23, 2018
This is a great effort for your first time with a vocaloid, well done.
Its a very nice song. It reminds me a little of DCT(Dreams Come True).

Miku`s tuning sounds very good to me.
I like the music, it has a nice relaxing sound.

You appear to have found a nice style here.

Good luck for the future.
Aug 9, 2018
Thank You.
I'm still struggling with the vocal tuning and how to shape a composition around her.
Found very little tutorial on the internet on how to perform optimal vocaloid vocal tuning,
the funny things is most of the useful stuff come from fansite rather then official site.

Does other vocaloid voice bank has the same voice characteristic as Miku ?
Aside from the optimal tone range and tempo.
I can't find other voice bank that has a free trial.

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