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engloid trash
Apr 8, 2018
As the local Tonio stan until Chorva returns from war it's time to celebrate the existence of our favorite baritone singer! Let's start this thread with some just basic and useful information, as well as content!

Tonio's VOCALOID wiki page :

Tonio's purchase links at Zero-G / Time+Space / BestService / BigFishAudio
TONIO (Vocaloid 2)
Zero-G Vocaloid 2 Tonio
Vocaloid2 Tonio | Zero-G | bestservice.com
Vocaloid2 TONIO - Realistic synthesis of singing voices unlike any other

And now to two cult classics :
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New Fan
Apr 14, 2018
hello yes i'm here to bump this up to the top of the page with some Offerings covers i've done with this opera singing dude

tonio's Rly fun to work with basically so hopefully i'll be able to contribute some more stuff in the future!! ;;

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