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Rules VocaVerse Network Rules

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Mar 7, 2018
  1. You must represent that you have the allowed age indicated in our Terms and Rules. Any users found to not comply with this will have their accounts data obliterated.

  2. Sexually explicit or realistically violent material is not allowed on the site in any form and may result in serious consequences with your account. Purposely linking to sites containing this content is also not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Nudity, graphic sexual depictions, graphic depictions/descriptions of suicide or suicidal encouragement. If you're not sure if your content is allowed or not, please message a staff member privately before posting publicly.

    Note: Prior to May 2020, this content was allowed to be linked off site. Users who have been found to have posts with links prior to May 2020 will have the content removed, but will not get in trouble.

  3. Content containing minors (individuals under 18) that is sexually suggestive will not be allowed. Sexually suggestive is defined as being content that was made purely to be sexually pleasing without other reasons (i.e. Artwork of minors in revealing clothing, minors singing songs of a sexual nature that does not hold a higher purpose, etc.). Music Videos/PVs/other content that contain mature and/or sexual themes may still be allowed as long as they are not explicit in nature and were not made purely for the sake of being sexually suggestive.

    Suggestive content containing adults or non-realistically violent content may still be allowed, but warnings are encouraged to be clearly posted.

  4. Vocal synths are regarded as products before they are characters. If the presentation given to that vocal synth in a song/medium is that of an adult, they will be considered an adult. If the presentation is questionable (i.e. Creator says they are an adult, but the actual content appears to contradict this), then they will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

  5. Avatars and signatures should not contain genitals, female nipples, gore or depictions of violence or suicide. They should not be sexual or sexually provocative. Users who are uncertain should obtain permission from a VVN staff member.

  6. Multiple accounts are not allowed, if you make another one a member of our staff will message you, remember that you can change your username in your account settings.

  7. Respect other users and members of the community; keep the forums welcoming, and avoid using the forums as a platform to vent about other sections of the community. Harassment and profanity targeted at other users or groups of people will not be tolerated. Discrimination against others based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, etc. will not be tolerated. Profanity should not be used excessively.

  8. Avoid sharing personal or sensitive information about yourself.

  9. Users are not allowed to distribute or upload content that is not theirs onto the site, such as music or other files, including technology using others creations without permission. Embedding features should be used instead, or, if embedding is otherwise not possible, a link must be provided instead.

  10. Do not post illegal downloads to software or links to guides on how to obtain software illegally. The topic of illegal downloads is also not to be discussed.

  11. Spamming is not allowed. Spam is considered to be the intentional posting of irrelevant posts, threads, advertisements, or media - especially when posted within a short period of time. Posting multiple times in quick succession within a thread ("double posting") is also discouraged, the exceptions being where it's been 24hrs since your previous post, or 12hrs if within the News section. Instead, we encourage the use of the Edit and Quote/Multiquote features. We also discourage posting excessive statuses in a short amount of time, where it leaves the status panel full of a single users status posts, pushing others out of sight.

  12. Do not buy/sell/link to secondhand software or merchandise on the VocaVerse Network.

  13. You are permitted to link to sites selling content you have created but refrain from spamming threads advertising their sale.

  14. Do not post unapproved crowdfunding campaigns or make threads asking for money on the website.

  15. Signatures are to have a maximum height of 250 pixels. They can consist of images, text, or a mixture of both.

  16. Political discussions and debates are not welcome on VocaVerse Network. If you want to discuss politics, please respectfully do so in DMs or outside of the VocaVerse Network forum.

    VVN staff members reserve the right to edit or delete topics and posts they believe are inappropriate or against regulation, or contain inappropriate or regulation breaking material.

    VVN staff members reserve the right to moderate or ban members due to consistent rule-breaking or repeated expression of a hostile attitude.

    VVN are not responsible for content hosted off site that is linked to from VVN, nor are we responsible for actions taken by forum or Discord users that occur on other websites.
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