1. silky-love

    Ahem.. is this thing alive?

    Hello, world! It's been a very long time since I found an online community. I found this site because I tried finding Vocaloid Otaku only to find it's shut down. Basically, I have loved vocaloids since 2006. I've been into anime since I was a kid. I love the vocaloids, the utaloids, and I'm...


    I have no idea who made this but it's gorgeous.
  3. ThatGirlMyra


    How is there not a thread for this yet?? Or am I missing it lol? Anyway, I'm a big fan of RWBY, even if a few of the later volumes have disappointed me. My favorite of the main four is Weiss Schnee. I find her to be the only one with a firm head on her shoulders and her character arc is...
  4. MystSaphyr

    VSQ/UST/ETC. Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection

    Latest Update Up to date as of Jan 28, 2020 Terms of Use Credit the original producer of the below songs. Producers are listed in READMEs. Credit MystSaphyr for the below files. If file contains other credits (editors, lyricists, etc.) please include them as well. Do not redistribute these...
  5. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】To the World of Eternal Sleep (Eimin no Sekai e / 永眠の世界へ)【Haruno Sora V5 (JPN)】

    Hey! My new song and the first one in 2019. New Vocaloid 5 seems to be really cool! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^
  6. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】Before the Morning Comes (Asa ga Kuru mae ni / 朝が来る前に)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    My last original song this year. I hope next year will be even more productive for all of us! ^^^Happy New Year everyone! Let your dreams come true!^^^
  7. iamjune

    What Anime are you watching Right now or Planning on Watching?

    This seem like a fun topic to discuss so I ofc made a thread to discuss what anime you are watching atm or What one you are planning on watching if you aren't watching one rn! For me right now i'm watching an anime called Acchi Kocchi a Slice of Life anime! I was browsing a selection of anime in...