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original song

  1. Kazumimi

    Onion-P ft. Sukone Tei - Thin Edge Inserted (Original)

    I was yesterday years old when I found out that the song’s name can be abbreviated as TEI.
  2. poserP

    「SUICIIDE GRLZ CLUB」ft Hatsune Miku, GUMI +vpr

    everything in the descriptionn :yuki_lili: so sorry for bad quality my encoder is very no bueno LOLOL
  3. Giranoxa

    Futurity Feat. Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid Original]

    Second deep Lyrics song from me now
  4. Artis

    【Eleanor Forte】Paper Heart【Synthesizer V Original】

    A ballad about a girl with a paper heart
  5. HoodyP

    Fiction Getaway feat. Eleanor Forte 【Synthesizer V Original】

    Hey guys! This is my first ever post in this forum! I'm gonna use this forums for help and promoting my originals/cover (using vocal synths obviously). So here is a new original song I've made! It's weird I know and the mixing it's a bit flimsy, but at least I tried my best! P.S. The...
  6. Artis

    【Eleanor Forte】Dear El【Synthesizer V Original】

    Hey guys, I made an Eleanor Forte original song. I thought to share it here. I love how she sounds so I'd like to make more songs with her. Thank you and have a nice day.
  7. Overcast Immortal

    Only in Memory - Post-Metal ft. Marie Ork, NATA, and Bones

    It's been a rough five months since my last upload, but at least one song is now ready. This one starts out soft and ends hard. There is plenty of screaming in the second half.
  8. Kazumimi

    Sakanoshin ft. Sukone Tei - Diving Within a Dream

    A pretty song with a pretty instrumental and lovely vocals. <3 Edit: the song is no longer available on Nico, but luckily there’s a reupload on Bili! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av6567439/ (Requires NND account to view.) [/s]
  9. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. Hanami] Lord Night [UTAU Original]

    Dedicated to Avalia. This song has been in the works for nearly a year and I'm glad to share it with you all. It's dedicated to Avalia as she was the one who gave me the strength and motivation to make music. I hope you all enjoy this song. Thanks for listening. Song: VoXil Singer: Hoshino...
  10. uncreepy

    Resource How to use the major scale for songwriting

    (Note: This post is a work in progress as I learn more music theory. I also don't have time to write it all in one sitting.) WHAT IS C MAJOR / WHAT IS AN OCTAVE?: "C major" is all the white keys on the piano. C D E F G A B C = one octave. Note: An octave is the same alphabet letter (ex: C), but...
  11. CdrSonan

    【Vocaloid Original】Star Guardians - Meteors【Hatsune Miku】

    Hey everyone, I have written this song to create something linked to both Vocaloid and the Star Guardian Universe from the video game League of Legends. I actually completed the song almost two months ago, but I wanted to release it in time with the latest Star Guardian event in the game, which...
  12. F

    [Gumi English] - Streetlight Under The Weird Sky

    I fully intend on having more consistent uploads on my channel from here on out. I make originals with English Vocaloids and UTAUloids~ I hope you enjoy~ ^u^
  13. Overcast Immortal

    Panic Attack ft. Megurine Luka (drone metal original)

    It’s finally done and I’m excited to post this. It’s a very slow and heavy song. Yes, it is indeed 13 minutes long. The vocals start at 2:14. I wrote it to sound like a panic attack, which feels like impending doom. The genre is drone metal, which is the slowest and possibly heaviest subgenre...
  14. Overcast Immortal

    Sometimes It's Five - Ambient Rock ft. DEX & MAIKA

    This song took a while to finish. It's an ambient mix of shoegaze and post-rock, and features nonsensical English singing from Dex, and chanted Spanish from Maika. It also has Marie Ork (of Alter/Ego) providing ambient growling in a very minor role, also in nonsensical English. My next song is...