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  1. F

    [Vocaloid/SeeU/Original] Neon Light Street

    Hello, my name is Ferrum making music in Korea! I'm making a variety of music, including OC Music, Touhou, and Vocaloid music. I'm sorry that the lyrics are in Korean because I'm doing music in Korea! Using SeeU (VOCALOID3)
  2. sae

    Resource phQli:glQt Job Plugins for SeeU and UNI Korean + Japanese libraries

    phQli:glQt Job Plugins phQli:glQt Job Plugins is not associated in any way with STMEDiA or SBS Artech. phQli: glQt Job Plugins are only a pack of plugins that facilitate the use of the user who has them in his power to create cover or original songs. Here are some of the details. ---Thanks...
  3. Yugifu1

    BLACKPINK - How You Like That - SeeU, Kagamine Rin, Merli, Kagamine Len

    OK, I started listening to other singers besides Lady Gaga and the result is this... Blackpink are so energetic and colorful. I love them! Please join Seeu! It can be a good opportunity to raise it! Credits: VSQX & Tuning : Adam Edmond (Edited for Korean SeeU by me) Song : BLACKPINK - How...
  4. SeeU and Macne Nana Doodles

    SeeU and Macne Nana Doodles

  5. Phryxia

    【VOCALOID Original】 Limitation Act ∞ (Drumstep Rmx) 【SeeU】

    Hello everyone! I'm creating songs for a long time. I've used SeeU for 6 years, yet I lost many videos due to site closing... Anyway, here is my drumstep one. Originally it was written at 2013 by me(but via different nickname), and I reconstructed some days ago. You can freely distribute &...
  6. Crappy Marker Sketch SeeU

    Crappy Marker Sketch SeeU

    For some reason a lot of people like this on my Instagram. I am still confused why and its been months.
  7. SeeU Charcoal Pencil Experiment

    SeeU Charcoal Pencil Experiment

    I hope you enjoy this drawing of SeeU!
  8. LesManga

    【SeeU V3】 P a n t s u パンツ脱げるもん 【Future Funk Remix】

    SeeU is back, now more liberated than ever, not needing underwear